It’s coming.  Summer vacation season.  We’ve prepared all our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto to realize that the final few days of June are the last chance to get sales closed before the B2B decision-making process seems to grind to a halt.  Don’t get caught in the first week of July regretting that you didn’t take the necessary steps now to get things accomplished.

Every experienced Professional Salesperson knows what it’s like to get decisions made in the summer.  Summer paralysis sets in and buyers go on vacation.  When they come back, they are covering for someone else who has gone on vacation.  Other people involved in the decision-making process are away and the sense of urgency to move forward is slow.  It can be a very frustrating time when you have sales targets to hit in July and August and September is right around the corner.


Don’t Get Caught In a Summer Sales Slump

Get on the phone – big time.  You should be touching base with all buyers before July 1st.  In Canada, your odds of reaching decision makers July 2 -5 can be low.  Thousands of Canadians kick off the summer by taking vacation time including the Canada Day statutory holiday.  No different in the US with July 4, Independence Day.  Many of you reading this blog might have taken the week off as well.  All better reason to talk with each of your buyers now. 

Touch base on the status of decisions already in the sales cycle.  Ask specific questions to see how you can assist in making the decision easier before vacation schedules kick in.  Find out when your contact is on vacation.  Plan around it.  Smart Salespeople know that decisions that get delayed in the summer have a far greater chance of evaporating by fall.  Why?  Because the desire to act seems to dry up as the attention focuses on enjoying the weather and making the most of summer.


Review buying patterns from July, August, and September last year. This suggestion seems obvious, yet it’s surprising how many Salespeople overlook this.  Wouldn’t it make sense to see who purchased with you in that time frame last year and get proactive with renewing the business?  This is a smart practice to repeat quarterly throughout the year.


Plan to make this the summer of learning. If reaching decision makers is tougher in July and August, why not invest in yourself and be prepared for the balance of the year long before September starts?  Being proactive is always a great attribute of top-performing Salespeople.  Based on the back to school season, fall is a common time for learning and re-education.  Why not be one of the only Salespeople in the marketplace who is 2 months ahead of the competition?


I get it – it’s Summer!

I fully realize that all of us look forward to the months of July and August.  Vacation time, camping, golf, BBQs, concerts, and parties (stop daydreaming) with family and friends makes for a happy life.  Many of us deal with tough weather conditions throughout the year and this is our chance to make up for it.

Here’s what I’m saying.  Push yourself hard over the remaining days in June to ensure that your sales in July and August allow you to enjoy your vacation time.  Every Professional Salesperson I know has a much better summer when they know they are far ahead of their sales targets and have the commissions to prove it.  Low sales in July and August add to our anxiety levels and don’t give us the ability to relax.  We’ve all experienced both ends of that see-saw.

Put as much planning into your sales progress and skill development over the summer as you have into your vacation.  You’ll be happy you did.

If you’re wanting to know how to beat the summer sales blues, read one of our previous posts – The 5 Steps to Close Sales in the Summer.

We have two options to assist you with furthering your sales education this summer:

Check out our online sales training course,  The Sales Skills Incubator or if reading is more your style then check out our book  SHUT UP!  Stop Talking and Start Making Money available on Amazon.




Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY