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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Tired of Clients Shopping Your Proposal?

This is a topic of discussion with all of our our sales training clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.  How do we prevent buyers  from shopping our proposal or quote?  If you’ve been a Professional Salesperson for a few years, it’s happened to you.  After investing time, energy and expertise into preparing your proposal, your client hesitates for a few days before signing off.  You get the sinking feeling that your hard work and creativity is being shopped with the competition for a lower price.   How do we prevent that from happening? read more

The 3 Steps of Developing Salespeople

When providing sales training to our clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto, we’re constantly asked for our opinion on the development of Salespeople.  Sales Managers know the benefits of having a highly skilled team in great sales performance and minimizing client and employee attrition.  Developing Salespeople is no easy task given the nature and personality of each individual.  What works well for one person may not have the same impact on another.  Here’s a 3-step process that is working well for our partners. read more