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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Engagement – The Key To Making the Sale

This week’s PROSALESGUY BLOG is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Shut up! Stop Selling and Start Making Money.” Stay subscribed to the BLOG to receive notice of its release date this Summer.

In all types of sales, the face-to-face appointment is crucial. This is where you will engage the client and if successful, get the same in return. The engagement phase is equally important whether you sell professional services to businesses or consumer goods to the public. It’s important whether you visit your prospects in their home or business or they come to you. Whatever you’re selling, you need to engage your customers in a way that makes them want to do business with you. read more

Sales Training with Long Term Results

What’s your experience with sales training?  Here’s what I hear from business owners, decision makers, sales managers and professional salespeople.  For fear of readers thinking that this edition of THE PROSALESGUY BLOG is nothing more than spam, I welcome you to feel free to hire someone else.  I would simply like to offer you insight into making some smart decisions regarding sales training that has long term results.  Here’s what I hear from people who have taken sales training in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. read more