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Monthly Archives: January 2014

I Have No Money!

No matter what you sell to decision makers, you have heard the phrase – I have no money, my budget is spent!  Business expert William Best said it best – A budget tells us what we can’t afford.  It doesn’t keep us from buying it.  How do you best deal with buyers who say they have no money? read more

The Social Media Guide for Small Business

What marketing lesson did Fort McMurray give small business owners everywhere?  Neil Young’s recent comment “Fort McMurray looks like Hiroshima” drew a quick, angry reaction from local residents who wanted to speak out.  Their comments and images on Twitter are an excellent example of the power of social media.  Here’s how your business can learn more from this great lesson. read more

Company Culture Equals Success

I have had the opportunity to experience many different company cultures as an employee, manager, and independent Sales Trainer.  Here’s what I’ve found.  The culture of your company has a major bearing in growing your revenues, attaining high levels of customer satisfaction and ability to retain top people. read more

The Second Birthday of My Start-Up

It’s now officially two years since starting my company PROSALESGUY TRAINING. Being a pure start-up, all business activity is placed on the shoulders of my me and my wife. Here’s what we learned in 2013.

Financing, Cash on Hand and Delayed Gratification read more