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Driving Sales With The Right Culture

While we expect Salespeople to drive sales, we encourage our sales training partners in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary to entice all staff to become sales-minded.  This can be a great source of new business development by identifying the personal motivators of employee recognition and rewards.  It encourages everyone to have a customer-focused attitude and look for opportunities to grow company sales as a team. read more

Four Steps To Close Pending Business

Great Salespeople consistently add new opportunities to their sales pipeline.  Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary are learning that closing pending business is even more important.  Otherwise, Salespeople can easily have a sales funnel that is stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars in pitched business.  If this sounds like your situation, here are the four steps you need to follow. read more

8 Ways to Fight a Sales Slump

If you’re like many of our online sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria, you’re doing your best to deal with a challenging economy.  Low commodity prices are having an impact in virtually every industry across Western Canada.  If you’re a business owner, Sales Manager or Salesperson dealing with a sales slump, here’s what you can do to fight it. read more

The Top Four Reasons Salespeople Stay With Their Employer

All of our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary want engaged Salespeople who reach their targets and stay at their company for years to come.  All Salespeople who are enthusiastic and ambitious want exactly the same.  If everyone is in agreement, why is there such high turnover in sales positions?  Perhaps the real answer rests with knowing that while everyone wants the same goals, the implementation of them is the tough part. read more

Nice Buyers Get More Than Jerks Do

A sales training workshop in Vancouver recently centered on a specific discussion on the relationship Salespeople have with current clients while reaching out to find new ones.  We came to a unanimous agreement.  Buyers who treat their Supplier’s Salespeople with respect, courtesy and appreciation always get a better deal than those that don’t If you are a buyer, Salesperson or Sales Manager, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this in the comments section of THE PROSALESGUY BLOG. read more

Create Your Cold Calling Strategy Now!

Cold calling sucks!  Maybe it’s because you suck at cold calling.  OK, picking up the phone to attempt to book an appointment from a decision maker you’ve never met before is a scary thought.  The expectation of constant rejection with low results discourages most Salespeople from making cold calling part of their regular routine.   If this is how you feel, then this edition of the PROSALESGUY BLOG will give you what you need to be a new business machine this fall. read more

The Ten Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

One of our sales training clients in Vancouver wanted to know what common mistakes are made by Salespeople.  This makes great reading for all Salespeople, regardless of experience level.  Even seasoned veterans have to be extremely careful of repeating these patterns.  Avoiding these pitfalls will make you a top producer, greatly increase your income and get you the respect of clients and colleague alike.   How many of these mistakes do you make? read more

The Impact of Handwritten Thank-You Cards

We recently suggested a proven inexpensive sales technique to our sales training clients in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.  As it has application for all Professional Salespeople, we wanted to share it with our readers.  Years ago, before email, it was common for Salespeople to send their clients handwritten thank-you cards.  While the practice of sending mail might seem dated in light of current technology, here’s why such an easy, inexpensive gesture has returned to make such a big impact. read more

Who owns the account? The Company or the Salesperson?

This is always a controversial subject between Salespeople and Managers.  Both sides tend to have their own opinion and the debate can get heated and emotional.  After being on both sides of desk for many years, here’s the best explanation toward a clear understanding and consensus. read more

The Job Interview for a Salesperson from Both Sides of the Desk

Ask a Professional Salesperson or a Sales Manager how many job interviews he or she has had.  At best, the answer will be a few dozen.  This holds true for the Salesperson looking for a job, and no doubt, the Sales Manager looking to fill the job opportunity with the right individual.  The best interviews are the ones that ask the tough questions from both sides of the table.  That’s the mark of a balanced job interview. read more

Sales Training with Long Term Results

What’s your experience with sales training?  Here’s what I hear from business owners, decision makers, sales managers and professional salespeople.  For fear of readers thinking that this edition of THE PROSALESGUY BLOG is nothing more than spam, I welcome you to feel free to hire someone else.  I would simply like to offer you insight into making some smart decisions regarding sales training that has long term results.  Here’s what I hear from people who have taken sales training in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. read more

Want to Increase your Sales? Start with these Three Personal Goals

A group discussion on the best sales training techniques in Vancouver recently provided the insight for this week’s PROSALESGUY BLOG.  While we discussed many client focused elements like probing for needs analysis and customer engagement, the conversation eventually came down to these three prerequisites. read more

Pick One Word For Your Personal Branding

Professional Salespeople are in the business of imaging and positioning.  So, why would I deal with you and consider your product or service?  Every buyer asks that question.  Finding a unique way to distinguish yourself sets you apart from the other Salespeople all claiming to offer the best value.  Here is a simple way to do it. read more

How To Repeat A Great Sales Week

We have all had a great week where virtually everything we touched confirmed as SOLD!  We have all experienced the opposite where you could not give away a free steak at a BBQ.

There is a method of repeating the success and making it more of a regular occurrence.  Here is how… read more

Should Salespeople Be Paid Commission Or Salary?


Most companies create pay incentives for their Salespeople.  At least some form of commission payment has been an industry standard for decades.  Some companies are starting to adopt a salary only payment structure.  They claim that commissions are influencing Salespeople into losing their objectivity with customers.  Is this really the case? read more

How To Get Great Client Testimonials


Ever have a tough time getting a client to give you a great written testimonial?  Here’s a sure fire way to get something that is better, painless and creative…


Why won’t they do it?

All Salespeople and business owners agree – getting great testimonials is very useful in many ways. Your company might post them on its website. No doubt, smart salespeople love to have them on hand in an effort to convince potential customers to become buyers. A strong endorsement from a well-known decision maker or influential company can be powerful. While it seems easy to get your clients to verbally endorse you, getting something on paper is tough. It takes time for someone to get their thoughts down to written words. Many of your clients aren’t writers. I even had a client who once told me that no matter what she created, she wasn’t happy with it. read more

A Customer And Advocate For Life

October 15 Blog picture

Your best Salespeople are not on staff.  They do not require a salary, bonus or commissions.  In fact, they pay you for the privilege of publicizing your business.  They are your Customers…

Your Customers

No matter how well you understand the value of treating your Customers properly, every company can raise the bar higher.  Your product and service has to offer value, be in demand and be priced accordingly.  The advertising and marketing that you spend profit dollars on needs to drive traffic to your location and your website.  Once the potential customer interacts with your company, you now have the opportunity to help them buy, earn their repeat business, and receive referrals. read more

Discomfort + Pain = Growth

It’s this simple.  As a professional Salesperson, if you aren’t advancing your skill set, assume you are automatically going backwards.  Consider that your competitor is getting better at what they do and continually building a better relationship with your best buyers.  You must be pushing yourself to do things that are very uncomfortable for you to consistently progress… read more

LinkedIn as a powerful B2B tool

If the market for your product or service is Business to Business, you should be actively using LinkedIn. It’s a powerful tool that has many advantages for professionals, salespeople, and companies