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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Read These Sales Books in 2019

We constantly promote active reading to our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.  There is no doubt that leaders are readers.  Huge reading advocates include Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, and Tony Robbins – many of whom spend many hours a day reading.  However, you don’t need to devote that kind of time to leverage the power of this habit.  Read 15 minutes per weekday and you’ll have easily read a great book per quarter.  How tough is that?  We’ll even make it even easier and suggest 4 great sales books that will dramatically increase your skill set and sales results. read more

The Role of Influencers in the Sales Process

The sales training we provide our partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto goes beyond understanding the role of the decision maker.  Very seldom does the person making the final decision do so without input from other key individuals.  While their involvement is not always easy to see, they’re typically in roles directly related to,  or impacted by,  a major buying decision.  While the buyer might be the one to sign your proposal or give you a purchase order number, the power of influencers can easily sway a decision either way.  Here’s how to make it work in your direction. read more