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These 3 videos will show you why sales training alone seldom meets long term expectations. Coaching is the difference!


In-depth articles for Salespeople and Sales Managers with free suggestions on sales training techniques and strategies.

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Are you an individual Salesperson looking to build strong, trusted relationships? Check out The Sales Skills Incubator.


SHUT UP! Stop Talking and Start Making Money. Decision makers have no patience for yappy Salespeople.

If 40 years ago someone would have told me that I would be a successful Salesperson, Sales Manager, Sales Trainer and Coach, I would have laughed at them. Like most people, I believed the stigma that Salespeople were pushy, relentless individuals that only focused on making sales.

Here’s my 3-step process for sales success with repeat business and referrals:

  • Shut Up and Stop Talking! Ask buyers great questions that other Salespeople don’t.

  • Forget about closing buyers with stupid techniques that push them away.
  • Build a relationship with decision makers by offering your authenticity in helping them.

Stop selling and start helping by learning the 5 Success Skills of professional Salespeople. You will make more sales when you focus on your buyer’s best interests.



Dave is an absolute pleasure to work with. He provides sales training to our Toronto based specialty foods company.  Dave takes the time to understand our unique needs and applies his knowledge to help our team succeed. He’s been an incredible asset for myself as a business owner as well as to each of our Salespeople. He’s been instrumental in building our sales processes and provides ongoing support to the team. All his efforts have contributed to our growth and I would recommend Dave to any company looking to improve its sales strategy and results.

Ron Shalit, Managing Director, Shalit Foods, Toronto, Ontario

My sales staff were having trouble reaching their sales goals.  I decided perhaps professional training was needed as none of them had received any.  They were good, they knew their stuff, but had difficulty closing.  I checked several training companies out and decided on PROSALESGUY TRAINING.  Dave Warawa met with me and outlined a plan to give my staff the training they needed to kick their sales into high gear.  It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually my team got the techniques and training they needed to increase our sales and their commission cheques.

Dave has a down to earth, no nonsense approach to coaching sales staff to get results.  We have been working together for two years now and I am very satisfied with the results.  We have achieved record sales and clear insight on what we have to do to achieve our goals.  I would highly recommend PROSALESGUY TRAINING if you want your company to achieve higher levels of sales success.

Dave has been instrumental in providing sales training to our franchise group based in Canada.   He was key in growing the revenues of our corporately owned stores in Fort McMurray and discovering and developing key personnel within our company.  He works with our existing stores in growing store sales with great promotional concepts and marketing initiatives.  We continue to see him being a large part of our sales success as we continue the growth of our 30 locations across the West into Ontario and the Maritimes.

Steve Carr, VP And Co-Owner, The Bone & Biscuit Co., Canada