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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Nice Buyers Get More Than Jerks Do

A sales training workshop in Vancouver recently centered on a specific discussion on the relationship Salespeople have with current clients while reaching out to find new ones.  We came to a unanimous agreement.  Buyers who treat their Supplier’s Salespeople with respect, courtesy and appreciation always get a better deal than those that don’t If you are a buyer, Salesperson or Sales Manager, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this in the comments section of THE PROSALESGUY BLOG. read more

Hi, I’m Your New Salesperson!

Many of our sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are faced with similar challenges.  One of the most frustrating is the constant turnover of Salespeople, particularly with newer employees.  The revolving door of a Sales Department is a huge issue for the company, its clients and the newest hire who gets to make the phone call – “Hi, I’m your new Salesperson!”.   Not being prepared for this call can easily make you feel like a fool.   You are being blindsided by a client who is taking you to task for past issues that occurred before you started.  Here’s the best way to handle those calls. read more

How To Get Your Clients To Take Action

Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary all agree – there are many successful components that add up to completing a sale.  No matter the products, services or customers, common things need to occur for decision makers to say Yes.  There is one ingredient that Professional Salespeople love to see in their clients – the sense of urgency to take action.  It accelerates the speed of motivating buyers to purchase and greatly increases the chances of making a sale.   Here’s how to get your clients to take action. read more