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Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Age of Viral Videos on YouTube

Bon Jovi had a #1 Hit Single in 1987 with Livin’ On A Prayer.  Just a few weeks ago, the song hit #26 on Billboard’s Hot 100.  How can that happen?  It’s the power of YouTube.  In the most innocent

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The 13 Tough Habits of Mentally Strong People

In business, you have to be mentally strong.  Direction, focus and strong will are necessities to be successful.  How many of these 13 tough habits do you possess? This post is courtesy of Amy Morin, a Clinical Social Worker.  It

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Should Salespeople Be Paid Commission Or Salary?

Most companies create pay incentives for their Salespeople.  At least some form of commission payment has been an industry standard for decades.  Some companies are starting to adopt a salary only payment structure.  They claim that commissions are influencing Salespeople

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