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Wow, Social Media Is Customer Service

A recent experience at Vancouver International Airport is evidence that smart companies are realizing that social media is a great way to provide customer service.  I was so impressed with the efforts of a customer service representative at YVR Airport that I have to share them with you on THE PROSALESGUY BLOG. We all know how stressful traveling can be, especially long distances when you are connecting flights.  There are many things that easily can go wrong.  At times, it seems like a frustrating event can cause a domino effect with little you can do about it. read more

How To Best Prepare For A New Client Call

No matter how long you have been a Professional Salesperson, there’s a certain amount of anticipation and tension before a call with a new potential client.  You want to be at your best as first impressions will dictate your future with this new customer.  How can you put your best foot forward? read more

The Social Media Guide for Small Business

What marketing lesson did Fort McMurray give small business owners everywhere?  Neil Young’s recent comment “Fort McMurray looks like Hiroshima” drew a quick, angry reaction from local residents who wanted to speak out.  Their comments and images on Twitter are an excellent example of the power of social media.  Here’s how your business can learn more from this great lesson. read more

The Age of Viral Videos on YouTube


Bon Jovi had a #1 Hit Single in 1987 with Livin’ On A Prayer.  Just a few weeks ago, the song hit #26 on Billboard’s Hot 100.  How can that happen?  It’s the power of YouTube.  In the most innocent way, a viral video of Jeremy Fry at a Boston Celtics Game made in 2009 has caused the song to be a hit all over again. read more