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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Great B2B Salespeople Know their Customer’s Customer

Our sales training focus in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary always has a common denominator – B2B Salespeople want to know how to convince decision makers to pay a higher price for their quality product.   In a world that seems bottom-line price oriented, it can be a challenge to answer the question  “Why would I buy your product when your competitor is offering virtually the same thing for far less?”  Here’s how to instill the value that’s required for the buyer to justify the extra investment to do business with you. read more

How To Increase Your Sales Per Customer

All of our sales training partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria are focused on the last four months of the calendar year.  For many companies, this marks the end of their fiscal and a large part of the 2017 sales target.  While new business development tends to be the first thing most Salespeople concentrate on, it shouldn’t be at the sacrifice of upselling and increasing the investment from your current customer base.  Here’s why. read more