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Great B2B Salespeople Know their Customer’s Customer

Our sales training focus in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary always has a common denominator – B2B Salespeople want to know how to convince decision makers to pay a higher price for their quality product.   In a world that seems bottom-line price oriented, it can be a challenge to answer the question  “Why would I buy your product when your competitor is offering virtually the same thing for far less?”  Here’s how to instill the value that’s required for the buyer to justify the extra investment to do business with you. read more

Incentives For All Staff To Drive Sales

In Part One of our post, we shared many incentive-based techniques we’ve created for our sales training partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria.  Let’s give you some specific examples to get everyone motivated to drive sales. read more

Driving Sales With The Right Culture

While we expect Salespeople to drive sales, we encourage our sales training partners in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary to entice all staff to become sales-minded.  This can be a great source of new business development by identifying the personal motivators of employee recognition and rewards.  It encourages everyone to have a customer-focused attitude and look for opportunities to grow company sales as a team. read more

Customer Surveys That Work

Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton are continually asking their customers for feedback on the experience of dealing with them.  No doubt, every company wants to know how they can improve the customer experience.  Here’s how to get a high completion rate on your surveys with the answer to the most important question – will you recommend us? read more

Are Your Buyers Always Asking for Extra Value?

Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary are constantly dealing with this issue.  Every decision maker wants to get more for their dollar.  As Salespeople, we are inclined to offer a product or service with a low hard cost that will still be viewed worthwhile in the eyes of our clients.  While no one likes giving away stuff for free, having an extra value strategy makes sense to best deal with the requests.  Top-producing Salespeople create one that costs little to nothing while still being a huge enticement to decision makers.  Here’s how. read more

3 Ways to Drive Revenues with Staff Sales Incentives

Many of our sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria want to get their entire staff more sales focused.  This can be done effectively with staff incentives.  In this edition of THE PROSALESGUY BLOG, we’d like to give you three ways to get started. read more

8 Ways to Fight a Sales Slump

If you’re like many of our online sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria, you’re doing your best to deal with a challenging economy.  Low commodity prices are having an impact in virtually every industry across Western Canada.  If you’re a business owner, Sales Manager or Salesperson dealing with a sales slump, here’s what you can do to fight it. read more

Your Sales Perception is Revenue Reality

Our online sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are starting 2016 with a very unique way of thinking.  They expect the year to be one of the best ever.  In light of current commodity prices, many economic experts would say that’s simply foolish thinking.  What gives them that enthusiasm? read more

Hi, I’m Your New Salesperson!

Many of our sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are faced with similar challenges.  One of the most frustrating is the constant turnover of Salespeople, particularly with newer employees.  The revolving door of a Sales Department is a huge issue for the company, its clients and the newest hire who gets to make the phone call – “Hi, I’m your new Salesperson!”.   Not being prepared for this call can easily make you feel like a fool.   You are being blindsided by a client who is taking you to task for past issues that occurred before you started.  Here’s the best way to handle those calls. read more

The Ten Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

One of our sales training clients in Vancouver wanted to know what common mistakes are made by Salespeople.  This makes great reading for all Salespeople, regardless of experience level.  Even seasoned veterans have to be extremely careful of repeating these patterns.  Avoiding these pitfalls will make you a top producer, greatly increase your income and get you the respect of clients and colleague alike.   How many of these mistakes do you make? read more

The Impact of Handwritten Thank-You Cards

We recently suggested a proven inexpensive sales technique to our sales training clients in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.  As it has application for all Professional Salespeople, we wanted to share it with our readers.  Years ago, before email, it was common for Salespeople to send their clients handwritten thank-you cards.  While the practice of sending mail might seem dated in light of current technology, here’s why such an easy, inexpensive gesture has returned to make such a big impact. read more

I’m Just Looking, Thanks

My Sales Training travels took me to Edmonton and Fort McMurray, Alberta last week.  They gave me the opportunity to reflect on the most typical reaction retail customers have when asked the standard question “How can I help you today?” Here’s the best way to deal with that response. read more

One Sale Equals Two Purchases

Every Salesperson wants to make a sale – as many as possible, over and over again.  We live for it and are measured by our ability to convince buyers and decision makers to agree to do business with us.  Consider that when you make one sale, you have actually sold two products. read more

Help! My Client is EMOTIONAL!

A Group Sales Training Workshop on Vancouver Island is the source of this edition of  THE PROSALESGUY BLOG.  Have you ever had a client flip out over an issue that you had no control over?  Here’s the best way to handle it. read more

Wow, Social Media Is Customer Service

A recent experience at Vancouver International Airport is evidence that smart companies are realizing that social media is a great way to provide customer service.  I was so impressed with the efforts of a customer service representative at YVR Airport that I have to share them with you on THE PROSALESGUY BLOG. We all know how stressful traveling can be, especially long distances when you are connecting flights.  There are many things that easily can go wrong.  At times, it seems like a frustrating event can cause a domino effect with little you can do about it. read more

Dealing With A Client From Hell

Every company that prides itself on great customer service will have an occasional oops – an unfortunate situation that you’d like to take back and do over again.  The key is recognizing the opportunity to erase a bad customer experience with great service by solving the problem.  Let that be the story people talk, tweet, and blog about.  Here’s how to do it. read more