Your Sales Team has experienced success in the past – yet they may need Sales Training and Coaching in Edmonton to be able to compete in an ever-changing market.    Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Has your company experienced strong organic growth with great products and services?
  • Do you want to drive sales higher yet lack the right sales tools, systems, and strategies?
  • Are you too busy working in your business to devote the time to develop your Salespeople?

Sales Training and Coaching in Edmonton with PROSALESGUY TRAINING will give your company a consistent, standardized approach with your clients.  We work with your team and back it up with individual coaching to ensure that our sales training drives sales forward on a long-term basis.

We work with you to develop a sales strategy that is based on your customers and sales cycle, competitive environment and what your Salespeople are experiencing in the field.

Sales Training Edmonton – Available On-Site and Online

THE PROSALESGUY TRAINING approach is 100% customized with attention to the following areas:

  • Retaining and Growing Sales your Current Customer Base
  • Creating new Categories of Sales Acquisition with a Target Account Strategy
  • Developing Your Sales Team for Longevity and Retention
  • Prospecting, Cold Calling, and New Business Development
  • Winning over Gatekeepers and Determining the True Decision Maker
  • The Customer Needs Analysis Appointment
  • The Five Success Skills – Ask Great Questions, Actively Listen, Paraphrase, Summarize the Buyer’s Full Needs, and Positive Personality Projection
  • Creating a Sense of Urgency to Act
  • Objection Handling
  • Dealing with Lower-Priced Competitors
  • Proposal Writing
  • Getting Clients to return Voicemails and Emails
  • Obtaining Repeat Business, Renewals, and Referrals
  • Using LinkedIn to Establish Relationships and Make Warm Calls
  • Developing Your Career as a Salesperson
  • Forecasting, Sales Budgeting, Monitoring, and CRM Training

PROSALESGUY TRAINING will tailor sales training and coaching content based on the needs of your Edmonton team.  Check out THE PROSALESGUY BLOG for a sample of our training content.

If it’s time to invest in driving sales and getting your Salespeople to the next level, call or email us at for a no-obligation assessment for sales training.