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Whether you are a Professional Salesperson, Business Owner or trying to sell your ideas to your boss, SHUT UP! Stop Talking and Start Making Money will challenge the way you view the sales industry. Dave will show you how to change your attitude from Always Be Closing to Always Be Connecting. Whether you need B2B Sales Training or B2C Sales training this book will guide you to increased sales.

From effectively utilizing social media to perfecting the five vital sales success skills, Dave Warawa provides a frank, easy-to-read blueprint for more sales, more commissions, and more success – for both you and your clients!  Check out this excerpt from Chapter 1 – The Stigma of Sales.

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Here’s what the experts think…

“Shut Up!  Stop Talking and Start Making Money isn’t just about sales. It’s about listening, sharing, communicating, and relating. Dave’s brilliant humanistic perspective takes the pressure (and stigma!) out of sales, and guides you to success through genuine and honest one-to-one connections.”

– Steve Jones, author of the marketing books Brand Like a Rock Star and Start You Up.

“If you work with people, you need this book. It’s packed with useful, helpful and practical tools that will show you how to sell more, earn more and enjoy more. Buy two copies – one for you and someone you care about. You will be challenged, inspired, enlightened and entertained at every turn of the page.”

– Ron Bremner, President, Gold Medal Consulting Group Ltd

“Dave Warawa clearly understands human behavior and what motivates people to take action. He gives you the practical street-smarts required to increase your sales, business revenue, and career satisfaction.”

– Fred Sarkari, Speaker, Author, Registered psychotherapist

“This book is perfect for a new salesperson looking to make a good start. It’s just as valuable for the veteran as an excellent reminder of every basic need to become and stay a great salesperson.”

– Marty Forbes, President, Radiowise Inc., @mjforbes

“In Shut Up! Stop Selling and Start Making Money, Dave does a fantastic job of laying out how social media can be used effectively for Sales Professionals. He provides many actionable steps on how to use each of the social media platforms for the best results. This book is a must if you want to be a successful, income-generating salesperson in today’s digital age!”

– Melonie Dodaro, CEO of Top Dog Social Media, Author of #1 Bestseller The LinkedIn Code