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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Best Clients Give You The Most Sales

We have come to a realization.  For the past three years, our company has offered sales training and sales consulting services across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  We have worked with many clients, all in different business categories – agriculture, media, advertising and marketing, oil and gas supply, product distribution, manufacturing and hospitality.  Despite the diversity, our efforts have brought us to a common sales and business realization.  It’s probably one that you as a Professional Salesperson, or your business, is experiencing. read more

I’m So Busy!

One of my current Sales Training clients in Edmonton and Calgary recently indicated that their Sales Team is so busy.  Are you in the same situation?  Here’s the question you need to ask yourself. Busy doing what specifically?

Professional Salespeople are always busy

Let’s face the reality of your day.  Emails, phone calls, administration and internal meetings are all important parts of your day.  You need to take care of the business of being in business.  At times, all of these tasks can be overwhelming and act like a tornado sucking you into the vortex of being in the office.  Every smart Professional Salesperson knows that these activities do little to nothing to create sales.  While they have to be done, is your day keeping you from the major function of moving the revenue needle? read more

Smart Salespeople Take Selfies!

The world is so preoccupied and infatuated with selfies. While it may appear to be a little self-absorbed, Professional Salespeople take more than their fair share of selfies. I learned this courtesy of an unusual meeting – one of those “Eureka!” moments. read more