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The Sense of Urgency Closing Technique – Done the Right Way!

Sales closing techniques are always a contentious issue with our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.  Some Salespeople feel that they are a necessary part of the sales process.  Without using them, they feel that you simply aren’t a good Salesperson.  Others feel that there are far better ways of asking for the business instead of using an outdated, forceful method of getting decision makers to say YES.  No matter your opinion, there is one sales technique that virtually every Salesperson uses.  Unfortunately, it’s often misinterpreted by buyers who think that it’s not truthful and lacks credibility.  How do you convey a sense of urgency to buy without looking manipulative? read more

Online Sales Training for Individual Sales People

Our focus for the past five years has been to increase the revenues of our corporate sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.  Throughout that time, we’ve received numerous calls and emails from individual Salespeople looking for online sales training that was within their budget.  They’ve asked for a practical program, done at their convenience that would help them make more sales.  We now present to you  The Sales Skills Incubator. read more