If you’re interested in providing your Salespeople with sales training, coaching, and development to drive sales higher in Calgary, answer these questions.

  • Do you have the time, experience and expertise to devote 100% of your energy to developing your Salespeople?
  • Do you have a specific sales strategy in place to ensure a standardized customer approach?
  • Do you feel that you’ve fully monetized your products and services in the marketplace?
  • Are you relying on too few clients for too many sales?

Sales Training Calgary – Available On-Site and Online

Business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs in Calgary turn to PROSALESGUY TRAINING when considering:

  • A 3rd party proven expert to train and coach their Salespeople to drive consistent sales
  • A documented sales strategy that provides a high-level standardized customer approach
  • Sales tools and development for your Salespeople to get their unfair share of purchasing
  • Prospecting, Cold Calling, and New Business Development
  • Winning over Gatekeepers and Determining the True Decision Maker
  • The Customer Needs Analysis Appointment
  • The Five Success Skills – Ask Great Questions, Actively Listen, Paraphrase, Summarize the Buyer’s Full Needs, and Positive Personality Projection
  • Creating a Sense of Urgency to Act
  • Objection Handling
  • Dealing with Lower-Priced Competitors
  • Proposal Writing
  • Getting Clients to return Voicemails and Emails
  • Obtaining Repeat Business, Renewals, and Referrals
  • Using LinkedIn to Establish Relationships and Make Warm Calls
  • Developing Your Career as a Salesperson
  • Forecasting, Sales Budgeting, Monitoring, and CRM Training

PROSALESGUY TRAINING will tailor sales training and coaching content based on the needs of your Calgary-based team.  Check out THE PROSALESGUY BLOG for a sample of our training content.


If it’s time to take your Calgary company to the next level yet you’re not sure exactly how to do that, call or email us at dave@prosalesguy.ca.  We’ll provide you with a no-cost – no-obligation Sales Training Assessment of what your company needs to make things happen.  We help you create success by design – not default.