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8 Ways to Fight a Sales Slump

If you’re like many of our online sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria, you’re doing your best to deal with a challenging economy.  Low commodity prices are having an impact in virtually every industry across Western Canada.  If you’re a business owner, Sales Manager or Salesperson dealing with a sales slump, here’s what you can do to fight it. read more

Smart Salespeople Take Selfies!

The world is so preoccupied and infatuated with selfies. While it may appear to be a little self-absorbed, Professional Salespeople take more than their fair share of selfies. I learned this courtesy of an unusual meeting – one of those “Eureka!” moments. read more

Discomfort + Pain = Growth

It’s this simple.  As a professional Salesperson, if you aren’t advancing your skill set, assume you are automatically going backwards.  Consider that your competitor is getting better at what they do and continually building a better relationship with your best buyers.  You must be pushing yourself to do things that are very uncomfortable for you to consistently progress… read more