Dave is an absolute pleasure to work with. He provides sales training to our Toronto based specialty foods company.  Dave takes the time to understand our unique needs and applies his knowledge to help our team succeed. He’s been an incredible asset for myself as a business owner as well as to each of our Salespeople. He’s been instrumental in building our sales processes and provides ongoing support to the team. All his efforts have contributed to our growth and I would recommend Dave to any company looking to improve its sales strategy and results.

Ron Shalit, Managing Director, Shalit Foods, Toronto, Ontario

My sales staff were having trouble reaching their sales goals.  I decided perhaps professional training was needed as none of them had received any.  They were good, they knew their stuff, but had difficulty closing.  I checked several training companies out and decided on PROSALESGUY TRAINING.  Dave Warawa met with me and outlined a plan to give my staff the training they needed to kick their sales into high gear.  It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually my team got the techniques and training they needed to increase our sales and their commission cheques.

Dave has a down to earth, no nonsense approach to coaching sales staff to get results.  We have been working together for two years now and I am very satisfied with the results.  We have achieved record sales and clear insight on what we have to do to achieve our goals.  I would highly recommend PROSALESGUY TRAINING if you want your company to achieve higher levels of sales success.

I would love to tell everyone a long story about Dave and his approach to training our team but he has taught us to talk less and listen more. We brought Dave in to train our people and provide some ongoing coaching to our small organization that had zero sales presence. The 3 days of hands on learning were excellent. Dave got to know our business better and tailored the training to each of the distinct personalities present. The onward coaching continues this approach. Now that is what builds a successful customized customer relationship. In our niche industry we don’t convince our customers to buy our services; we build ongoing customer relationships so that they will call us when they have the need.

Not only have we gained knowledge and motivation from Dave’s course and his presence in our regular sales meetings, I have closely watched his interactions with our company as well to pick up further on the workings of a true professional sales person. I would highly recommend Dave for his experience, passion and approach to the sales cycle. He has much to offer any organization whether you have a sales team already in place or you need to build one from the ground up. Thanks for all you have done for us at ScanTech Dave! 

Don Carriere, President, ScanTech, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Dave has been instrumental in providing sales training to our franchise group based in Canada.   He was key in growing the revenues of our corporately owned stores in Fort McMurray and discovering and developing key personnel within our company.  He works with our existing stores in growing store sales with great promotional concepts and marketing initiatives.  We continue to see him being a large part of our sales success as we continue the growth of our 30 locations across the West into Ontario and the Maritimes.

We used Dave’s sales training services to train and coach a new Salesperson in Alberta who had a great personality and passion for our industry, yet no real sales background or experience.   Dave nurtured his growth, increased his confidence and gave him the practical skills into becoming a Professional Salesperson. We get a lot of great feedback on him from our retail and wholesale customers and we know it had a lot to do with the work that Dave did with him.

Dave also came to us in the midst of a challenged economy and we can’t thank him enough for how he helped shape our next steps.  We will be using him again when we start expanding our sales staff

Stacey Nehring, Operations Manager, UTV Canada, Leduc, Alberta

I recently hired Dave to provide sales training in Calgary with my previous sales staff at a powersports dealership I was managing.   I was very impressed with his customized approach to our needs.  His training was on-site and online as well, followed up with bi-weekly meetings with management and sales staff to discuss positives and challenges.

Dave was very engaging with my staff. He understood what we needed. He was easy to understand and follow and had an impact on our sales team as our unit sales increased over the previous year. His price was fair, reasonable and he over-delivered on what he said he would do and went the extra mile for us. He understands and explains the sales process completely and is a Canadian who trains Canadians. Those who have used American trainers will understand that the connection is not always there.

I would highly recommend Dave for sales training as he helped our salespeople improve customer engagement and increase sales.  You get the bang for your buck!

Bruce Marcia, General Manager, Fraserway RV, Leduc, Alberta

I would recommend PROSALESGUY TRAINING to everyone who wants sales training in Toronto and GTA!  Dave has taken the frustration of my days away by showing me how to analyze what I’m missing and how to fix it. Excellent theories, models and training…the best part was how tailored it was to our particular situations.  Dave is a living embodiment of how to do it. He took the time to get to know me and worked around my style of communicating while enhancing it to the next level and bringing my confidence back up.

Melina Lund, Account Executive, Sysco Canada

Dave provides great sales training for us in Victoria! His ability to customize training sessions for our call centre Customer Service Agents has been very useful.   We are now working with him on a third consecutive training project.

Andrea Bell, Team Lead & Customer Support, Leading Edge Health

Dave was my sales trainer and coach for nine months in 2017. He designed an exclusive sales training program for me in Edmonton giving me the skills to be a fully commissioned outside sales person.

This has allowed me to have the confidence to prospect new customers I’ve never met before. His program gave me the skill set to be one of my company’s top salespeople in a short amount of time. It was 100% practical based on my current role. Having the ability to talk to him about challenging sales situations when in the field gave me the ability to close sales and be a top-producer.

Robert Sullivan, Professional Salesperson, Western Canada

Hiring Dave Warawa has been one of the best investments that the Sawridge Group of Companies has spent to date. Dave invested a great deal of his time in learning about what our needs were, and applied this information to create a unique and specific training program for our company that is now the backbone of our Sales Organization.

Individual sales training supported with group sessions provided a dynamic experience that each and every employee grasped, and applied it to their daily work. We have re-hired Dave to continue the already amazing journey he is taking us on, utilize more of the tools he holds, and grasp as much knowledge from him as we can. I would recommend Dave to any company that wants to grow their revenues through clear, direct, and genuine mentorship.

Christine Dunn, Director, Sales And Marketing, Formerly with Sawridge Group Of Companies, Alberta

Dave delivered excellent results when being thrown in the deep end. I highly recommend his services.

Dan Boram, Principal / CEO, Aura Office Design

I first met Dave  at a sales meeting being held by a company that BioBest was in the process of acquiring. I found his approach in training others for improvement in the sales process to be very clean, clear, understandable and approachable.

Once the acquisition was finalized and the merger of the two company’s sales forces began I pushed for the contracting of Dave to help me to create a unifying sales strategy. Having a combined sales force from two companies, with different cultures and strategies was a challenge. Because Dave had experience with the acquired company he was able to use that knowledge and his eventual knowledge of BioBest to help me to develop sales strategies that were not completely alien or disruptive for the new combined sales force.

Dave enabled me to grow as a manager as well. He helped me to break some old habits, to learn to re-think how I communicated with my sales force and in general to do better by being quiet and listening- something we all know, but often forget. I continue to speak with Dave occasionally and he is truly someone I would recommend to you and others.

Harman Gilbert, Sales Manager, North America, Biobest Group

Dave’s six-month Individual Sales Training Program was excellent because it was totally customized to my current situation. Before I started, I had no sales experience and was admittedly nervous of knowing how to best deal with buyers.

I learned from Dave that sales success is about asking great questions and listening to the customer’s needs.  As he always says “You will learn a lot more if you simply SHUT UP and LISTEN to what your clients are telling you instead of trying to sell them something.”  Dave was there for me every step of the way, always giving me great advice.

Mark Meyer, Salesperson, UTV Canada

Dave’s experience and perspectives with the PROSALESGUY TRAINING was great and affirmed experiences from other industries as well as introduced new approaches and techniques for approaching sales and winning new clients.

His sales training also provided some great resources to develop and hone the sales craft and always has an open door policy for answering any questions one might have with material but also application within the field. Dave’s enthusiasm and experience added to our group’s outlook on sales processes.

Mika Hakkola, Sales Manager, Formerly with Sawridge Group of Companies

It has been a delight, and pleasant experience to get to know and work with Dave Warawa. Dave is very knowledgeable, honest and exceedingly resourceful. His experience, insight and guidance in sales training have assisted in successfully making positive steps towards better relationships with our customers and within the company.

I strongly feel that Dave is a great investment and asset to any company that is looking to further grow business relationships and success.

Tony Bennett, Outside Salesperson, Relay Distributing, Lloydminster, Alberta

Dave was an excellent choice for me and our company. From the very first time we talked and each time we met, he listened carefully before offering advice and practical solutions to the challenges we faced.

The combination of consulting and education made a big difference right from the start and has set a path for future success. Dave is a great listener and has become a trusted friend through this process. If you are looking for someone to help your business and fix your sales process you should contact Dave.

Dean Heuman, Principle And Co-Owner, Focus Communications, Edmonton, Alberta

Dave was hired at our company to provide our staff with sales training. After seeing his impact on our salespeople, I decided to take his Fast Track to Sales Management Program, being new to the role. Dave actively listened to my concerns and always had tangible suggestions and solutions for my newfound challenges.

His understanding of human interaction, trustworthy nature and experience in the field of Sales Management gave me direction in my role.  He gave me the ability to empower our staff to make sales through strong client relationships. I owe much to Dave for giving me the ability to feel confidence in my role as Sales Manager.

Dave Dallaire, Sales Manager, Alberta Wilbert Sales, Edmonton, Alberta

Dave is fully committed to our success. He was a wonderful communicator and freely shared marketing ideas and time way beyond the training he gave my sales manager.

I highly recommend him to other businesses.

Dave Warawa would be an outstanding asset to any company, big or small. If you choose PROSALESGUY TRAINING for your sales reps or managers, you will not only have an immediate impact on your bottom line with revenue generation, you will have an on-going and invaluable resource for sales training and life coaching/advice. I have completed his FAST TRACK SALES MANAGEMENT Program, and found Dave to be very personable, savvy, knowledgeable and adaptable to the specific environment he is in. I have personally learned some very key components of management and leadership from Dave. His tips and anecdotes from his own mistakes and successes are REAL WORLD, and not quoted from a book. I am pleased my company has renewed our business relationship with PROSALESGUY and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Dave Hanni, General Manager/Retail Sales Manager, Formerly with CJCY Medicine Hat, Alberta

“Practical” would be the one word to describe Dave’s sales training.  Dave’s 25+ years of working in Sales and Sales Management give him experience based on real life situations. With other training courses the information covered just isn’t as realistic.

The Hows and Whys of theory are fine, but it’s the practical application that makes the difference in the real world. There was never a situation that I asked for advice on where Dave didn’t have multiple solutions, that were always dependent on the client. There is no better lesson than a lesson learned from real life experience and real life is what Dave has to offer. He is very engaging and I think that anyone who has taken his sales training would agree with me.

Tracy Peters, Radio Salesperson, Fort McMurray, Alberta

We worked with Dave for 3 years and definitely recommend him. We are wowed by his genuine care, insight and great capacity for listening and engaging us to grow in areas we requested and others that we didn’t initially focus on.

Dave creates a safe, comfortable environment to get into the real ‘meat and potatoes’ of growing our company. Our work with him has been of great benefit to us and we look forward to what new insights he will bring us in our ongoing relationship with him.

Louise and Augusta Reinich, Owners, Family Productions, Edmonton, Alberta

Dave Warawa is first and foremost an incredible person. This is why he makes such an amazing sales trainer, as he knows what works and what doesn’t.  He is not pushy at all.   He helps you to make the right decision in your own time.

I hired Dave for sales and management training in Edmonton, yet he did so much more.   He virtually partnered with me through the whole project.  During the grand opening he flew in to see that we accomplished our goals.  I could not think of another I would rather have worked with or been trained by.  If you want the best, then hire Dave Warawa.

Don Nault, Salesperson, Formerly with Premier Garage Condos, Edmonton, Alberta

Dave was very helpful in teaching me different ways to deal with all types of customers.  At first I thought I didn’t need his services, however, he quickly became a valuable tool in the practical “how and when” with my clients.

His On Demand  sales training services are great, as he’s only a quick call or email away when you need help with a challenging, urgent situation.

Emiel Vanderwel, Technical Sales Consultant, Formerly with Biobest Canada

Dave has a great ability to mentor, educate, enlighten and inspire individuals to be the best they can be. Dave has the insight to assess a situation or a need and bring forth a solution that is well thought out and effective.

One of Dave’s qualities I respect is that he leads by example! I recommend Dave to any business and their team for his sales training services and expertise.

Although I only worked with Dave for a relatively short time during his radio career, I saw his impact on a daily basis. Dave came into a dicey situation and was soon able to build back a sales department and building that had become very fragmented.  Dave is a straight shooter that can see beyond the now. An open communicator who is always looking out for the client’s needs first. He’s an active learner who brings passion and excitement to everything he does. I highly recommend Dave for your company’s sales training needs.

Marty Stevens, Retail Sales Manager, 840CFCW, New Country 98.1, W1440 at Stingray Radio