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Monthly Archives: February 2015

32 Great Job Interview Questions in Sales

Who would ask 32 questions in a job interview? No one. Take your personal pick from these thought-provoking ones. Just know that softball questions don’t work well in job interviews. You don’t find out what you really need to know –is this interview worth my time? No matter what side of the desk you sit on, you need to dig deeper to find your dream sales job or the next future Sales Superstar. Here are 32 excellent questions – 20 for a Sales Manager and 12 for a Salesperson. read more

The Job Interview for a Salesperson from Both Sides of the Desk

Ask a Professional Salesperson or a Sales Manager how many job interviews he or she has had.  At best, the answer will be a few dozen.  This holds true for the Salesperson looking for a job, and no doubt, the Sales Manager looking to fill the job opportunity with the right individual.  The best interviews are the ones that ask the tough questions from both sides of the table.  That’s the mark of a balanced job interview. read more

Three Steps to Getting Your Messages Returned

One of our sales training clients in Edmonton is experiencing a common frustration – How do you get potential clients to return your message?  No matter the experience level of the Professional Salesperson, we can all get discouraged with our repeated efforts to follow up with customers that seem to be focused on other priorities.  Here are three ways that have worked extremely well for me. read more