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Monthly Archives: October 2013

How To Get Great Client Testimonials


Ever have a tough time getting a client to give you a great written testimonial?  Here’s a sure fire way to get something that is better, painless and creative…


Why won’t they do it?

All Salespeople and business owners agree – getting great testimonials is very useful in many ways. Your company might post them on its website. No doubt, smart salespeople love to have them on hand in an effort to convince potential customers to become buyers. A strong endorsement from a well-known decision maker or influential company can be powerful. While it seems easy to get your clients to verbally endorse you, getting something on paper is tough. It takes time for someone to get their thoughts down to written words. Many of your clients aren’t writers. I even had a client who once told me that no matter what she created, she wasn’t happy with it. read more

A Customer And Advocate For Life

October 15 Blog picture

Your best Salespeople are not on staff.  They do not require a salary, bonus or commissions.  In fact, they pay you for the privilege of publicizing your business.  They are your Customers…

Your Customers

No matter how well you understand the value of treating your Customers properly, every company can raise the bar higher.  Your product and service has to offer value, be in demand and be priced accordingly.  The advertising and marketing that you spend profit dollars on needs to drive traffic to your location and your website.  Once the potential customer interacts with your company, you now have the opportunity to help them buy, earn their repeat business, and receive referrals. read more

Discomfort + Pain = Growth

It’s this simple.  As a professional Salesperson, if you aren’t advancing your skill set, assume you are automatically going backwards.  Consider that your competitor is getting better at what they do and continually building a better relationship with your best buyers.  You must be pushing yourself to do things that are very uncomfortable for you to consistently progress… read more