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8 Ways to Fight a Sales Slump

If you’re like many of our online sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria, you’re doing your best to deal with a challenging economy.  Low commodity prices are having an impact in virtually every industry across Western Canada.  If you’re a business owner, Sales Manager or Salesperson dealing with a sales slump, here’s what you can do to fight it. read more

Nice Buyers Get More Than Jerks Do

A sales training workshop in Vancouver recently centered on a specific discussion on the relationship Salespeople have with current clients while reaching out to find new ones.  We came to a unanimous agreement.  Buyers who treat their Supplier’s Salespeople with respect, courtesy and appreciation always get a better deal than those that don’t If you are a buyer, Salesperson or Sales Manager, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this in the comments section of THE PROSALESGUY BLOG. read more

Create Your Cold Calling Strategy Now!

Cold calling sucks!  Maybe it’s because you suck at cold calling.  OK, picking up the phone to attempt to book an appointment from a decision maker you’ve never met before is a scary thought.  The expectation of constant rejection with low results discourages most Salespeople from making cold calling part of their regular routine.   If this is how you feel, then this edition of the PROSALESGUY BLOG will give you what you need to be a new business machine this fall. read more

The Impact of Handwritten Thank-You Cards

We recently suggested a proven inexpensive sales technique to our sales training clients in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.  As it has application for all Professional Salespeople, we wanted to share it with our readers.  Years ago, before email, it was common for Salespeople to send their clients handwritten thank-you cards.  While the practice of sending mail might seem dated in light of current technology, here’s why such an easy, inexpensive gesture has returned to make such a big impact. read more

Help! My Client is EMOTIONAL!

A Group Sales Training Workshop on Vancouver Island is the source of this edition of  THE PROSALESGUY BLOG.  Have you ever had a client flip out over an issue that you had no control over?  Here’s the best way to handle it. read more

Turning Prospects Into Customers

Here is the one common element with all of the different Salespeople and Business Owners that I work with.  They all want to convert prospects into customers. How do we convert potential buyers into confirmed clients?  Here is the best way to do this. read more

A Customer And Advocate For Life

October 15 Blog picture

Your best Salespeople are not on staff.  They do not require a salary, bonus or commissions.  In fact, they pay you for the privilege of publicizing your business.  They are your Customers…

Your Customers

No matter how well you understand the value of treating your Customers properly, every company can raise the bar higher.  Your product and service has to offer value, be in demand and be priced accordingly.  The advertising and marketing that you spend profit dollars on needs to drive traffic to your location and your website.  Once the potential customer interacts with your company, you now have the opportunity to help them buy, earn their repeat business, and receive referrals. read more