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Monthly Archives: March 2014

How To Repeat A Great Sales Week

We have all had a great week where virtually everything we touched confirmed as SOLD!  We have all experienced the opposite where you could not give away a free steak at a BBQ.

There is a method of repeating the success and making it more of a regular occurrence.  Here is how… read more

How To Best Prepare For A New Client Call

No matter how long you have been a Professional Salesperson, there’s a certain amount of anticipation and tension before a call with a new potential client.  You want to be at your best as first impressions will dictate your future with this new customer.  How can you put your best foot forward? read more

Help! I’m A Sales Manager

A newly appointed Sales Manager reached out to me this week.  She has recently been promoted into Sales Management after being the company’s top producer for a few years.  This is often the case and is a natural progression for many successful Salespeople.  However, it is a very difficult transition to make. read more

Tony Bennett – Relay Distributing, Lloydminster, Alberta

It has been a delight, and pleasant experience to get to know and work with Dave Warawa. Dave is very knowledgeable, honest and exceedingly resourceful. His experience, insight and guidance in sales training have assisted in successfully making positive steps towards better relationships with our customers and within the company. I strongly feel that Dave is a great investment and asset to any company that is looking to further grow business relationships and success. read more

Turning Prospects Into Customers

Here is the one common element with all of the different Salespeople and Business Owners that I work with.  They all want to convert prospects into customers. How do we convert potential buyers into confirmed clients?  Here is the best way to do this. read more