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The Role of Influencers in the Sales Process

The sales training we provide our partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto goes beyond understanding the role of the decision maker.  Very seldom does the person making the final decision do so without input from other key individuals.  While their involvement is not always easy to see, they’re typically in roles directly related to,  or impacted by,  a major buying decision.  While the buyer might be the one to sign your proposal or give you a purchase order number, the power of influencers can easily sway a decision either way.  Here’s how to make it work in your direction. read more

A 5 Step Sales MBO to Reach 2018 Targets

Success by design, not default.  At the start of 2018, that’s the message we’re communicating to all of our sales training partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto.  Your ability to reach your 2018 sales targets should be determined by careful thought, planning and structure.  While we will gladly accept the fortune of a good economy, great product or just plain luck, smart Salespeople know they can’t reach targets that way.  Whether you are in B2C or B2B sales, here’s how a Sales MBO will give you the ability to start your year with confidence. read more

Four Steps To Close Pending Business

Great Salespeople consistently add new opportunities to their sales pipeline.  Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary are learning that closing pending business is even more important.  Otherwise, Salespeople can easily have a sales funnel that is stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars in pitched business.  If this sounds like your situation, here are the four steps you need to follow. read more

Are You Training Your Sales Manager?

Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary agree on the importance of having a well-trained sales team.  The ability to monetize your marketing efforts and drive sales is the lifeblood of top-line revenue growth.  How about your Sales Manager?  This person is leading your team and fully responsible for your company’s sales success or lack there of.  Is your Sales Manager creating top-producers or driving Salespeople to work for the competition? read more

Why Pressuring Salespeople Doesn’t Work

This is always a sensitive topic with our sales training clients in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.  No matter if you’re a Salesperson, Sales Manager or Business Owner, you’ve dealt with pressure on either side of the desk.  Sales targets need to be reached and when they aren’t, questions get asked and people are placed under the microscope.  Here’s why for the most part, pressuring Salespeople doesn’t work and my suggestions for a better approach. read more

Why House Accounts Don’t Work

Our sales training clients in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver have previously believed in the philosophy of having “house accounts.”  This refers to a sizable account that is usually serviced by a Sales Manager.  Commissions generated by the purchases made on the house account are kept internally by the company.  Let’s explain the justifiable reasons why house accounts exist and tell you why you may want to rethink this strategy. read more

Respect and Like, The Smart Sales Manager’s Choice

Is it more important for my staff to like me or respect me?  This is the question that all Smart Sales Managers ask of themselves.  Your answer will greatly depend on your management style.  I have another question – Who says you have to decide between the two? read more

The Top Four Reasons Salespeople Stay With Their Employer

All of our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary want engaged Salespeople who reach their targets and stay at their company for years to come.  All Salespeople who are enthusiastic and ambitious want exactly the same.  If everyone is in agreement, why is there such high turnover in sales positions?  Perhaps the real answer rests with knowing that while everyone wants the same goals, the implementation of them is the tough part. read more

People Support What They Help Create

Have you ever had a challenge encouraging people to get involved in a project?  Do you find some people put more effort into fighting a new idea or initiative than actually giving it a chance to succeed?   We all experience these frustrations.  The ability to influence people to go in a certain direction is a great sign of leadership.  Here’s a way to get the team support and buy-in you need – even from the most difficult people. read more

32 Great Job Interview Questions in Sales

Who would ask 32 questions in a job interview? No one. Take your personal pick from these thought-provoking ones. Just know that softball questions don’t work well in job interviews. You don’t find out what you really need to know –is this interview worth my time? No matter what side of the desk you sit on, you need to dig deeper to find your dream sales job or the next future Sales Superstar. Here are 32 excellent questions – 20 for a Sales Manager and 12 for a Salesperson. read more

Engagement – The Key To Making the Sale

This week’s PROSALESGUY BLOG is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Shut up! Stop Selling and Start Making Money.” Stay subscribed to the BLOG to receive notice of its release date this Summer.

In all types of sales, the face-to-face appointment is crucial. This is where you will engage the client and if successful, get the same in return. The engagement phase is equally important whether you sell professional services to businesses or consumer goods to the public. It’s important whether you visit your prospects in their home or business or they come to you. Whatever you’re selling, you need to engage your customers in a way that makes them want to do business with you. read more

Sales Training with Long Term Results

What’s your experience with sales training?  Here’s what I hear from business owners, decision makers, sales managers and professional salespeople.  For fear of readers thinking that this edition of THE PROSALESGUY BLOG is nothing more than spam, I welcome you to feel free to hire someone else.  I would simply like to offer you insight into making some smart decisions regarding sales training that has long term results.  Here’s what I hear from people who have taken sales training in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. read more

Help! I’m A Sales Manager

A newly appointed Sales Manager reached out to me this week.  She has recently been promoted into Sales Management after being the company’s top producer for a few years.  This is often the case and is a natural progression for many successful Salespeople.  However, it is a very difficult transition to make. read more

The New World Of Sales


While on a sales training trip to Edmonton, a colleague and I discussed a recent article in Harvard Business Review.  Dismantling the Sales Machine describes how being a Professional Salesperson has changed.  While our customers are in a constant state of uncertainty, the formula for sales success has always been simple.  Hire. Empower. Provide. Allow. read more

Field Support By Sales Managers Is Vital

Pro Sales Guy

Field Support should be one of the top priorities for Sales Managers. Here’s why…

1) Clients appreciate Management thanking them for their business.

When I was a Sales Manager, it was great to see the look on the client’s face when I said that I came out on a call with our Salesperson because I wanted to personally thank them for their business. Think about it. When do most clients see a Sales Manager? When there’s a problem or it’s time for a renewal with a big rate increase. What a wonderful way for clients to associate conflict with your face. Doesn’t it make sense for Sales Managers to establish a relationship with clients before they need to get involved? Wouldn’t it make it easier to deal with challenges when they occur based on a pre-established relationship? I can assure you few of your competitors are using the technique of Sales Managers having regular field presence. That’s even better reason to do it. read more