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Monthly Archives: February 2017

How to Deal with the Hurry Up B2B Sales Proposal

Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary deal with this challenge on a regular basis – the “hurry-up and do your best with limited information” proposal.  It usually comes from a new inquiry where someone has the task of gathering information on a tight timeline.  He or she may know little in the way of specific client needs and unfortunately, has no decision-making ability.  The turnaround time is tight and you’ve been told to submit your proposal quickly.  What do you do? read more

Why Salespeople Hate The Word Accountability

Accountability.  Ask any of our sales training clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary what they want their Salespeople to have and that word comes up very quickly.  The dream of every Sales Manager and Business Owner is for Salespeople to have accountability to reach salestargets and be personally responsible for having an active sales pipeline.  Yet, use that “A” word with your sales team and you will run the risk of a sudden disconnect.  Here’s why Salespeople hate that term and how you may best approach the topic. read more