Much can be said of the power of Champions with each of your clients.  These Champions are not necessarily decision makers or business owners.  They are the people that have a relationship with your buyers.  They can give you a vote of confidence and support.  They can also put you out of favor very fast.  Do not underestimate their power and influence.


My sales training travels have me again in the amazing provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, specifically in Edmonton and Lloydminster.  The economy in Canada’s richest provinces is a machine that moves forward 24 hours a day, not unlike the heavy oilfield and agricultural equipment that comb the landscape creating jobs for any Canadian who heeds the call of opportunity.  Before I talk about the importance of Champions in your sales strategies, take a minute to digest this winning statistic:


80% of all the new jobs created in Canada in the past year originated in Alberta

Take 2 minutes to watch this Global TV story:

That’s staggering.  No wonder, so many people who live in Canada’s other provinces actually work in Alberta.  However, a great economy can entice some businesses to take shortcuts on the path to cut to sales success.  Don’t miss out on the power of Champions.


Who are the Champions?

These are all the people who work with your clients and decision makers.  They include everyone who has a role in the business, no matter what they do.  They include the receptionist, salesperson, accountant, A/R or A/P clerk, mechanic, laborer and management.


Professional Salespeople know the power of the Champion and their ability to influence the decision making process.  I have witnessed some of the smartest Salespeople master the skill of building a groundswell of support for their cause.  I have also seen missed opportunities where a Salesperson neglected to reach out to establish a relationship with someone who they thought wasn’t management.


Be careful with assumptions!

The guy with dirt on his hands could be the owner of the company.  He may have started his business 25 years ago by doing every job that was required before he could afford to hire his first employee.  He may not be the guy in the suit.  She may not have the corner office because she gave it to the Manager who runs her company.  Great leaders know what it takes to motivate and empower people.


Rule #1

Do not manage up.  Do not manage down.  Be nice to everyone.  Make friends and build allies who like and support you in your efforts to do business with their company.


Why establishing Champions is important


  • You may get or keep the business based on your ability to be well supported and liked.  People do business with those they like and trust.


  • It’s amazing what your Champions will tell you.  They will give you the inside track on new developments, refer business to you and give you vital information that your decision maker may be reluctant to reveal.


  • Your Champions may leave their current employer.  As they surface somewhere else, a new opportunity opens up for you.  They are your fans and want to see you do business with their new boss.


  • It earns the respect of the decision maker.  Smart buyers respect the fact that you care enough about their business to become involved with their employees.  That’s why they do business with you.  You get it.  They want to hire more Salespeople like you.


  • It’s the right thing to do.  There is nothing like the feeling of walking into a business and seeing the smiling faces of people who are happy to see you.  Many times I have said this – They pay me to do this?


Professional Salespeople focus on relationship and service.  Everyone is a potential customer when they buy into you.


Thanks for reading!

Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 

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