Driving revenue is always the focus of our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.  The commitment to reading is a leading attribute of all top performing Salespeople and Sales Managers.  There is a direct connection between your commitment to self-education and the ability to be a great Salesperson.  Here are two books that you need to add to your collection with my reviews of them.

You can always spot the top producers in any company.  These are the people qualified to add the word “Professional” before their role of “Salesperson.”   What do professionals do?  Skilled experts make a commitment to the things that they feel are essential.  Continuous growth and learning when combined with an open-minded philosophy leads you to attempting new sales techniques and ways of approaching your client base.   If you’re not advancing your skill set, know that your competition is.

Return on Investment

What proof exists that reading has a direct connection to great sales performance?  Warren Buffet is consistently in the top three of the richest people in the world.  His company, Berkshire Hathaway claimed an overall  gain of 751,113% from 1964-2014.  So, if you invested $1,000 with him in 1964, it would be worth $7,511,130.  Yeah, that’s a ROI.

Mr. Buffet is a voracious reader.  He claims that reading allows him to be smarter and make less impulsive decisions.  Science backs up his claim with these facts.

CNBC – Warren Bufett’s reading routine could make you smarter suggests science

I’m too busy to read!

By reading this blog, you’ve already proven that claim to be false.  Reading a sales related article is great way to get small doses of knowledge and insight.  Committing to reading a book is a much more in-depth way to improve your skill set and add to your sales technique.  If you feel you’re too busy, consider your time spent in lineups at your favorite drive thru.  How about Facebook?  If these things are a priority, you make the time for them.

Reading is no different.  Set 15 minutes aside during your lunch break or before you go to bed at night.  How about one hour on a Sunday morning or afternoon?  Starting in small, manageable time slots may find you wanting to make a bigger commitment based on what you get out of it.

Two Must-Read Sales Books in 2017

These are two of the best books a Professional Salesperson or Sales Manager could choose.  I’ve made Post-It Note Flags (my favorite) and highlighter marks throughout them both.  Here’s why you should read them.

Spin Selling – Neil Rackman

Spin Selling

It was developed on research of 35,000 sales calls from leading companies throughout the world.  It provides insight in the areas of larger sales for both B2B and B2C sales.  Its findings created the SPIN method of questioning in the investigation phase with decision makers.  This applies to both selling tangibles or intangibles.

S:  Situation Questions:  Who, what, when, why and how of the buyer’s perspective

P:  Problem Questions:  Locate and isolate the pain or need of the buyer

I:   Implication Questions:  Exploring the effects or consequence of a decision

N: Need-Payoff Questions:  The client explaining specific benefits of these solutions


This book is great for Salespeople regardless of experience level and Sales Managers looking to assist Salespeople with consultative needs analysis selling.  Read the reviews on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com.

The Challenger Sale – Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

The Challenger Sale

Based on exhaustive B2B research, this book is provocative and suggests that of the Five Salesperson Profiles, one reveals the best performer in all economies – good or bad.

The Hard Worker:   Self-motivated, goes the extra mile, doesn’t give up, wants feedback

The Relationship Builder:   Loved by buyers, gets along with everyone, offers time freely

The Reactive Problem Solver:  Quick response, detailed, turns pains into opportunity for gain

The Lone Wolf:  Works well alone, self-assured, seldom reaches out to management

The Challenger:  Knows the client’s world, sees things different, loves to debate and push


As you are figuring out where you fit in, be prepared to have some strong opinions on the book’s findings.  While good Salespeople can exist in every category, The Challenger is the sales profile that decision makers appreciate the most.   Salespeople who challenge the client’s perspective tend to stand out from the pack and offer a creative new approach to an existing issue.

This contrasts the long-standing viewpoint that Relationship Builders are always the top-billing Salespeople in the team.  If the hair on your back is rising, you owe it to yourself to read this book because it states some excellent points that offer great insight. This books offers some outstanding case studies and will get senior Salespeople and Sales Managers thinking.  Read the reviews on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.

The Science of Selling

These are two great books that you will want in your sales library.  They deal with the psychology of selling offering consultative Salespeople an in-depth look at sales success based on extensive research and analytics.   Each will offer you new sales techniques.   I’d love to hear your opinion on them.

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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY