Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto want to retain their key Salespeople for years to come.  At the same time, top-performing Salespeople want to continue to stay working for the same company.  So, if everyone has the same mindset, why is there such high turnover in sales positions?  Perhaps the real answer rests with knowing that while everyone wants the same goals, the implementation and interpretation of them is the tough part.

Every Salesperson has a unique set of motivators to drive their professional success.  I found that these five specific ones are within all great Salespeople.  The challenge is finding their order of priority in coaching and bringing out the best in the individual.

Key Motivator #1:  Confidence in the Product

This almost goes without saying.  A top-producing Salesperson feels that they’re making a personal guarantee to every customer who buys their product.  While the company manufactures or distributes the product, a Salesperson needs to believe that they’re selling a quality product that is priced fairly.  Professional relationships are based on trust and confidence.  Without confidence in the product and supply chain, a Salesperson will quickly become disengaged and look for a better opportunity.  A strong sense of pride and integrity are the hallmarks of great Salespeople.

Key Motivator #2:   Income

Income is always an influencing factor in the decision to be a Professional Salesperson.  Whether through commission or a bonusing structure, many Salespeople forego the consistency of a guaranteed salary.  Or if they elect a salary, it’s one that covers basic expenses with the advantage of a larger financial upside on a good year. Motivated, driven Salespeople want a direct connection between their work ethic, skillset, and their paycheck.  While Salespeople love to see large increases in their pay, many of them are content to see at least a reasonable amount of growth in their annual income.  Don’t make the mistake that all Salespeople feel that money is their #1 reason to stay with their employer.  It’s only one of five key motivators.

Key Motivator #3:  Growth, Learning and Leadership Opportunities

All great Salespeople want to constantly improve their skillset and exceed the expectations of their clients.  They thrive on professional and personal growth.  Employers that believe in investing in sales training and coaching create a positive learning environment.  This is a great motivator because Salespeople believe that if they aren’t progressing, then they’re automatically going backward.

Some top-performing Salespeople are enticed by opportunities for advancement into Management.  Don’t assume that all are.  There is a great amount of freedom in sales and many are happy to preserve it.  Know that all Salespeople are motivated by leadership.  This can come in many forms – by assisting in the training of a new Salesperson, going on calls with other Salespeople and being of assistance to their Sales Managers in an area of interest.    If you want to positively influence a Salesperson, ask for his or her opinion, listen to it and let them know what influence it has on future decisions.

Key Motivator #4:  A Great Relationship with their Sales Manager

This is one of the leading motivators of all Salespeople.  For some, it’s the reason to stay with their employer or move on.  A Salesperson who has a good working relationship with their Sales Manager is always very appreciative of it.  Much has been said about the difference between respecting or liking your Sales Manager.  All Salespeople are motivated by Sales Managers that they respect, like and admire because of their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and management style.  Salespeople work harder for these Sales Managers because they want to make them look good, feel proud and be successful in their management careers.  Smart Sales Managers appreciate this and strive to adapt their approach to bring out the best in their Salespeople.

Key Motivator #5:  A Fun, Positive Can-Do Team Environment

When a Salesperson comes to work each day and enjoys the people around them it makes all the difference.  We will all have tough days and frustrating months.  Not every decision will be a well-loved one.  Co-workers with the right attitude and a willingness to make things happen are like gold to great Salespeople.  Frankly, they need their support internally to make the commitments required to get and keep business.  Great relationships with clients and colleagues in the workplace are a large part of personal success that fuel Salespeople to stay with the company.

We spend far more time at work than with our friends and family combined.  Doesn’t it make sense to enjoy our time?  Never underestimate the power of a happy workplace. I’ve seen people stay at their employer for this point alone.

Here’s The Real Key To Retaining Salespeople

Salespeople will stay with their current employer if there is more to risk than gain by leaving.  We all want to be actively engaged in our professional lives.  With the right delivery of the five key motivators, Salespeople are happy and willing to stay with their current employer for years to come.  Smart Sales Managers and companies know that a high rate of retention with Salespeople leads to the same with clients.

These 5 Key Motivators to Retain Salespeople are easy to understand.  They are much more challenging to deliver.  Open communication and consistency between Management and the Salespeople is a pre-requisite for success.  Sales Managers need to understand the order of these motivators in the mind of each Salesperson.  The priority of them is as unique as a fingerprint.

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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY