The world is so preoccupied and infatuated with selfies. While it may appear to be a little self-absorbed, Professional Salespeople take more than their fair share of selfies. I learned this courtesy of an unusual meeting – one of those “Eureka!” moments.


This week, I had a great conversation with a Sales Trainer on Twitter. How can that be a real conversation, you ask? It started over a retweet. 25 tweets later, we had connected far more than your typical Twitter social exchange. We both subscribed to each other’s Blog and decided to do a Google Hangout and talk sales with anyone interested in becoming a top producer. (Details to follow)


Thank you, Doug Sandler. I enjoyed that immensely. We now can call each other, as you put it brothers in sales. I like that phrase! Nice Guys Finish First is Doug’s motto. He is a person who understands the ABCs of Sales – Always Be Connecting. I would encourage Salespeople and Business Owners to check out Doug’s website He has an excellent way of making his point with creativity and passion.  Our discussions gave me the spark for today’s PROSALESGUY BLOG.


Five Smart Salesperson Selfies:



This is your ability to reflect and objectively judge yourself without bias or excuses. What am I doing and how am I doing it? What are my strengths? Where could I improve? Ask yourself those questions and evaluate yourself. Then ask your Mentor for their sincere, direct opinion. Are you both on the same page?



Can you look in the mirror and hold yourself responsible for where you currently are? Your actions, inactions, attitude and perspective are the exact reason for your current position in your sales career. Your success is the result of what happens between your temples.



Do you have the ability to create an action plan for results? Can you hold yourself responsible for the daily activities required to be successful? In my entire sales career, this quality defines the top performers of the sales industry. There are no shortcuts to success. It takes honest, consistent hard work and determination.



Can you consistently be the supertanker that provides fuel to your engine? Do you have the staying power to motivate yourself without major assistance from other sources? Self-motivation is the energy source from within required to have Self-Discipline. Successful Salespeople seldom need someone to keep them motivated. They have an internal power plant of enthusiasm to drive them forward.



Put all of these selfies together and you are a self-functioning Salesperson. You are operating your Account List like a business within the company you represent. No need for your Sales Manager to worry about you. You have personal expectations above those of your boss.


If you have all these internal qualities, you will never be concerned about taking selfies. Your fellow Salespeople will be doing it for you.


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