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A recent discussion with a tech-savvy Salesperson in Toronto gave me the insight to use a tool right at fingertips – my Apple iPhone.  Smart Salespeople embrace technology and keep their mind open to new ideas.

How would you like a personal assistant to help with sales administration?  “Nice thought, but that’s not going to happen.”  Perhaps that’s the first thing that comes to your mind.


It’s easy and you may already own it

Seems too good to be true?  Well, think again because if you have an iPhone with Siri voice recognition you can start doing this immediately.   The shocking part is that most of us aren’t even aware of the great benefit of using Siri for sales applications.


Are you using Siri?

Many of us know we have Siri on our iPhone, yet don’t use it anywhere near to its full capability.  Here’s how to leverage it to give you more time and energy to focus making more sales.  Siri continues to get more advanced with each iOS update.  Much of your success in using Siri will depend on the way you ask her to perform a function.  Try a few different ways to word your question if you’re unsuccessful on the first try.

Search for Things.  This is the most common use of Siri and probably the one you’re currently familiar with.  Hit the button and summon Siri and she’ll be ready to jump to your assistance.  Use the search function for Google Searches and check your calendar dates for availability.  Search for phone numbers, email address and other information without having to go through your home page.   She even has advanced learning capability to get used to your voice patterns and adapt to your requests.

Create reminders.  If you want Siri to remind you to do to something, tell her.  She even has geographical capability.  “Siri, remind me to pick up a Starbucks Gift Card next time I’m in the drive-thru.  Siri, remind me to give to Jason the Starbucks gift card next time I have an appointment with him, OK? ” How cool is that?  Continue to investigate her capabilities by asking her to do things and see what she says.

Use Siri hands free when you’re driving.  We all can see the benefit in this.  Not only will this save you a hefty fine for distracted driving, Siri can save you from stupid mistakes when behind the wheel. It’s careless and irresponsible to use your iPhone when driving.  While it may seem too bold to say that Siri can save you from the most horrible of accidents, thinking that it won’t happen to me or I’ll just do it this one time is stupid.  Don’t be the person who needed to learn the hard way. If you’re guilty of texting while driving, this video will give you the encouragement to stop.


While Siri can’t drive your car (not yet anyway), she can do all of these sales administration  tasks while you focus on getting to your destination safely.

Create events.  This is an obvious perk.  Why enter the information when she can do it for you?  Have a recurring monthly meeting? Ask her to put it into your calendar every month.

Set Alarms and Reminders.  All Professional Salespeople want to be on time for appointments.  Early is always best.  On time is the new late.  Don’t be the victim of heavy traffic or construction.  Ask Siri to remind you to leave at a certain time.  You’ll never again look at your watch and rush out of the office forgetting your report or presentation.  How many times have you done that to yourself?

Make calls, read your emails and texts and respond to them.  Asking Siri to read your emails in your Inbox or text messages is easy with a simple voice command.  She can also respond to them.

Turn on a timer.  Ever get in a detailed conversation with someone and lose track of time making you late for your next appointment?  How many times?  Tell Siri to remind you at a certain time and get you to your next meeting on time.

Launch Apps without searching for them.  Have so many apps that you can’t find them all?  Ask Siri to open one for you.

Perform Calculations.  How many times have you been frustrated with doing calculations on your iPhone?  Siri will do them for you and show you the calculation on your screen to check the numbers.

Take Notes and send them to you.   Why write it down when Siri is capable of taking dictation and sending you an email?


Wonder what else Siri can do?   

Just ask her for a list of her capabilities or ask her a specific question.  Most Salespeople are not great at administrative functions.  We’ve all suffered the consequences of not writing things down or lack of attention to detail.  Using Siri in this regard is smart business, especially because you’ve already paid for her when you purchased your Apple product.

Can you think of other ways that Siri can help you as a Salesperson?  Please share your suggestions below so we can all learn together.  If you liked this post, please share it on your favorite social media platform.

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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY