There is no doubt that LinkedIn is the best social media platform for Business to Business (B2B) Salespeople.  Every second, two new members join.  What can LinkedIn do for you as a Professional Salesperson?  What should you not expect from it?  How do you best create a great profile that increases the opportunity for sales?  Here are the straight facts from my own personal experience.

While the business world is realizing the incredible power of LinkedIn, there is a lot of information floating around the internet.  Depending on what information you wish to trust and believe, you should understand some basic facts about LinkedIn. 


Who am I and what credibility do I have?

I am a Professional Sales Trainer, Revenue Consultant and Author who bases his work in Western Canada.  I concentrate on two primary ways of driving business to my B2B company.

1.  Organic Search on Google – I concentrate on specific keywords with geographical targets.  When business owners and decision makers seek to hire a sales training company in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver or Victoria they will find PROSALESGUY TRAINING prominent.

2.  Organic Search, Personal Branding and Industry Positioning on LinkedIn – This B2B social media platform is starting to rival the results I receive with Google.  It is not my style to beat my chest and attempt to impress you with my LinkedIn success.  Feel free to put my name into the LinkedIn search engine and do your own research.  I am always happy to connect with like-minded business people.


Why does LinkedIn make sense for B2B Companies and Salespeople?

Here are some statistics from June 2013.  Being Canadian, I have focused my research to my home country.  Worldwide statistics are readily available through a Google Search.

  • 7 Million Canadians have LinkedIn Profiles – 332 Million worldwide!
  • Almost 20% of Canada’s population is on LinkedIn
  • 331 Thousand Calgarians have LinkedIn Profiles!
  • LinkedIn provides an opportunity to create the image of being a market leader in your business sector by posting valuable content and creating inbound marketing

What LinkedIn is not! 

While we all know the power of LinkedIn, you will read articles that will make some incredibly bold claims.  Please take note of the source of the information and use your discretion toward any potential bias and agenda of the information.   In other words, think for yourself before you take any specific proactive actions.   In my opinion, LinkedIn is not…

  • A replacement for a Face-to-Face meeting with a decision maker
  • A reason to stop all cold calling in person and by phone
  • The media that will replace all conventional marketing and advertising


For B2B sellers, here’s what LinkedIn can be…

  • A way to establish desire for a Face-to-Face meeting with a decision maker
  • A supplement to your efforts in cold-calling and prospecting
  • A great additive to cost-effective, proven forms of advertising with a Return On Investment (R.O.I.)


My point…

Why abandon what works?   Add LinkedIn to your existing, proven methods of B2B engagement for the best, combined results.


The #1 Rule to Best Use LinkedIn:

Proper Engagement!

  • Provide useful, meaningful information to your target market that they find valuable
  • Position yourself in the mind of the buyer as the market leader in expertise
  • Build relationships of content sharing to create inbound marketing where qualified buyers reach out to you for advice and assistance


Don’t Do This on LinkedIn!

  • Sell, promote and spew sales propaganda with the agenda of closing business
  • Be viewed as a spammer – You will be labelled as such and penalized by LinkedIn
  • Create an incomplete profile, do little to nothing with it and expect results


How do I create a compelling LinkedIn Profile that will attract B2B Business?

While so many B2B professionals have a Profile, very few people have one that best positions them.  Even fewer know how to use it properly.  Here is the best article I’ve ever read on how to create and proactively leverage your LinkedIn Profile.

The author, Melonie Dodaro gives you her 21 Steps to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile.  I am such an advocate of her work, I was pleased to publicize her LinkedIn expertise in my book SHUT UP! Stop Talking and Start Making Money.  She was gracious enough to also endorse my book and its six chapters on how Professional Salespeople can use all forms of social media to increase sales.

If you really want to take your LinkedIn Profile to the next level, then click the link and get started.


I am always interested in your comments on THE PROSALESGUY BLOG.  Please free to give me your opinion.  This Blog’s primary purpose is to provide education, insight and a forum for interaction.


Thanks for reading!

Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 





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