I never tend to post on political or religious issues.  No matter what you say, the message tends to get lost based on philosophy and affiliations.  However, I have to make an exception.  I only hope that you can see the true message of this week’s PROSALESGUY BLOG.  It’s about personality, charisma and communication skills.


Recently, President Barack Obama was interrupted by hecklers during a speech on immigration in Chicago.  Watch the video of what transpired.


(Click on this link if you are unable to see the youtube video)


What did President Obama do?

1.  Allowed people to have the opportunity to voice their opinion without removing them.

2.  Listened to what they said.

3.  Attempted to avoid interrupting them, even after great length.

4.  Communicated by using the law of reciprocity.  As I do, I hope for the same in return.

5.  Used humor to make his point.

6.  Received applause at the event for his handling of the situation.

7.  Received media attention for his handling of the affair.


What should anyone in a position of Leadership learn from this?

1.  Show extreme confidence under intense pressure. Never let people see you sweat.

2.  Look at challenging situations as opportunities for communication and solution.

3.  Give people the forum and chance to speak, even when you think their wrong.

4.  Always know that a smile, charisma and personality have the ability to win people over.


Every person in a role of Leadership can learn a great deal about communication, public relations and creativity in this video.


It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it, that makes the difference.

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