Every Salesperson wants to make a sale – as many as possible, over and over again.  We live for it and are measured by our ability to convince buyers and decision makers to agree to do business with us.  Consider that when you make one sale, you have actually sold two products.

Sales is a tough job.  That’s why many companies have unusually high staff turnover rates on their sales floor.  While the formula for success is not hard to understand, persistence and self-discipline are required to be a consistent top producer.

When Salespeople understand the two purchases required to make a sale, they acquire the ability to make them more often with a greater confirmation rate.  Let me take you into the mind of a customer and see things from their point of view.  Imagine this is what your client is really thinking.


The Customer’s Perspective of the First Sale

“Before I buy your product or service, I need to buy you.  I need to believe in you and have trust that you are listening and in touch with my needs.  I know you have a job to do – sell your product or service.  I also need to know that you have my self-interest at heart.  That requires that you earn respect from me as a Professional Salesperson.  You will then have credibility in my eyes.”

“If I don’t like you, I will not buy you, therefore, I have no interest in what you’re selling.  Rub me the wrong way and the value and price point of your product or service makes no difference to me.  I would rather go across town and give a Salesperson that I like the business.”


Forget it, I’m not interested anymore

Too many Salespeople lose the chance of a sale because they are arrogant, pushy and too busy talking.   This is where so many Salespeople fail.  Stop selling and start helping.  That principle alone will make people want to buy you.


The Customer’s Perspective of the Second Sale

“Now  that you seem to be an OK Salesperson, you get the opportunity to talk to me about your product or service.  Maybe instead of yapping about how great it is, why not ask me some questions to best understand what I’m looking for based on MY world.  Be careful!  Don’t slip into a canned sales pitch full of propaganda and don’t prejudge me and think you know what’s best for me.  SHUT UP, ask questions and listen to what I’m saying.”

“All right, you are starting to impress me.  I’m actually smiling and enjoying the conversation with you.  I have dropped my guard and am now, interested in your opinion.  I only hope you aren’t using one of those closing techniques you read from a book.”

This is your chance to tie the Customer’s needs to the benefits of the features your product or service has to offer.  If you can do this effectively with a price point that is set on the perception of value, you will make a sale.

That would another PROSALESGUY BLOG topic in itself.


My Takeaway

Professional Salespeople earn the rapport and trust of their Customer’s by understanding the order of the two sales required.  Forget about the second sale, until you have established the first.

1.  I must buy you

2.  I will then consider buying your product or service

Simply put – Stop Selling and Start Helping.  Thanks for reading!


Author of Shut Up!  Stop Talking and Start Making Money – Now available in paperback and Kindle!

Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY 





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