No matter what you sell to decision makers, you have heard the phrase – I have no money, my budget is spent!  Business expert William Best said it best – A budget tells us what we can’t afford.  It doesn’t keep us from buying it.  How do you best deal with buyers who say they have no money?

The ability to pay is one of biggest qualifiers for a Professional Salesperson.  If your potential customer gives you the idea that they don’t have the money to buy, what do you do?

Move on?

This may seem like it makes sense at first.  Why spend your time and effort with a potential client that actually says they can’t pay for the purchase?  It’s different than prejudging and assuming their lack of affordability when they tell you they don’t have the means to pay.  Why not just move on to another opportunity?

A Great Way to get Rid of Salespeople

Buyers know this is one of the best ways to discourage Salespeople quickly.  Just tell everyone who prospects me that my money is spent and watch them scatter.  It works quite well.  Many Professional Salespeople are well trained in dealing with objections.  This one can scare away even some of the most experienced.

It’s Not their Fault

Consider the amount of prospecting phone calls and emails decision makers receive.  Everybody says they have a great idea.  We all get too many robo-calls congratulating us on winning a free draw for a Trip for Two somewhere.  As buyers, we look for effective ways to politely say Beat it, I’m not interested!

The quote from William Best should ring true in the ears of every Professional Salesperson.

It has a simple message…

Budgets are not always followed.  If a decision maker wants to purchase what you have to offer, they will FIND the money for it.  As buyers, we can get very resourceful when we want to be.

We buy what we want, not what we need.  If we are excited and motivated to purchase, we convince ourselves that we need it based on priority.

Even the accountants reading this, would agree.  It holds for business and personal buying decisions.

The Real Affordability

When Professional Salespeople hear I have no money or the budget’s spent, the real answer you’d like to know is…

Do you have the access to money to pay for this purchase?

How in the world do you ask that Question?

You don’t.  Not like that.  Here’s how…

If you came across an idea/product that you thought was worth considering in your mind, not mine, would you be open to at least hearing about it?

I have never received this response

Yes sir Dave!  Absolutely.  Let’s get together!

It’s more like…

A groan or sigh that sounds like indigestion, followed by a Yeah, sure or the So what’s the great idea?

Your Response

I have absolutely no clue at this point.  I’m not even sure if I can help you.  That’s the purpose of getting together.  Great ideas come from creative minds working together.  Does that sound fair?

Your goal is to get people to be open-minded and break down their wall of intolerance.  If decision makers are not in the right mindset, that’s OK.  Based on timing, they’re not ready.  Your job as a Professional Salesperson is to source out buyers who are, not push decision makers who truly are not.

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