Field Support should be one of the top priorities for Sales Managers. Here’s why…

1) Clients appreciate Management thanking them for their business.

When I was a Sales Manager, it was great to see the look on the client’s face when I said that I came out on a call with our Salesperson because I wanted to personally thank them for their business. Think about it. When do most clients see a Sales Manager? When there’s a problem or it’s time for a renewal with a big rate increase. What a wonderful way for clients to associate conflict with your face. Doesn’t it make sense for Sales Managers to establish a relationship with clients before they need to get involved? Wouldn’t it make it easier to deal with challenges when they occur based on a pre-established relationship? I can assure you few of your competitors are using the technique of Sales Managers having regular field presence. That’s even better reason to do it.

2) Field Support shows your Sales Team that you lead by example.

Why shouldn’t they have the opportunity to see you roll up your sleeves and get on the street with them? Leading by example is one of the most powerful ways to build a strong team. When you do go out on the street, please don’t overtake the call. It’s not your appointment. It’s the Salesperson’s. Most Sales Managers dominate the call, leaving the Salesperson nervous as to what will be said to their client and how it will impact them. Don’t be the Sales Manager referenced in the client statement – Don’t bring him back again if you want to continue to have me as a buyer. This is the biggest reason why Salespeople don’t like taking their Sales Manager out on calls. They don’t trust that you will have the same tact and diplomacy they have in communicating with the client.

3) Providing Field Support keeps Sales Managers in touch with the street.

What do clients really think of your product? How does that compare to the competition? What’s the biggest challenge your clients are facing? The more you are in touch with market perception, the better Sales Manager you become. A well connected Sales Manager has a better ability to deliver tough credible messages up the chain of command when required.

4) Field Support provides Field Training to your Salespeople.
I used to take notes throughout the client call diarizing the exchange of information and dialogue between the Salesperson and the Client. It’s the observer who learns the most in a call. That information is practical training that can be shared right after the call. Salespeople love that input because it’s sincere, credible and timely. They appreciate that you took the time to invest in their development and share your thoughts with them.

5)Field Support establishes more valued relationships with Clients.

What happens should one of your Salespeople leave? Having relationships with clients means you can make a call or visit with their new Salesperson and preserve the business based on familiarity, rapport and trust.

Combine all of these reasons together. You can see why Field Support by Management is even more important than most of the other priorities in your day. Instead of just monitoring and reporting activity and revenue, why not drive it?

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Pro Sales Guy