A recent group sales training session in Vancouver focused on what is referred to as “soft skills.” These would be the personal attributes that enable someone to relate to people and interact with them in a positive, likable way.  In many industries, people skills are seen as a great compliment to the required expertise for job performance.  In Sales, these skills are the difference between being a top producer and stumbling along with little results.

Professional Salespeople have to have many skills to be able to experience success.  In my book SHUT UP, Stop Talking and Start Making Money, I refer to over 60 attributes that build rapport, confidence and trust with decision makers.  Luckily, you don’t need to have all 60 to build strong relationships that lead to sales.  If you were well known by your clients for even 10 of them, you would be well on your way to being successful.  Rate yourself in these 10 essential attributes of Sales Superstars.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Sales Superstar?  Take The Test

On a scale of 1 to 10, rank your abilities in each of these key areas.  Fight the urge to give yourself the score you want.  It’s better to make the mistake of being too tough on yourself in this example.  If you need work in a specific area, create an Action Plan to change that.


Your Score


_____/10     1.   Ambition 

  • How bad do you want success?
  • Is it a burning desire?


_____/10    2.  Confidence

  • Do you believe in your product?
  • Do you believe in you and your company’s ability to deliver it?


_____/10    3.  Empathy and Communication Skills

  • Can you express what your clients are feeling?
  • Can you put it to words?


_____/10    4.  Integrity

  • Are you focused on your client’s needs all the time?
  • Do you walk away from a sale that doesn’t feel right?


_____/10    5.  Trust and Likeability

  • Would all of your customers readily say they trust you?
  • Do you have strong relationships with them?


_____/10    6.  Passion

  • How much do you love helping people make the right decision?
  • How much do you love your current job?


_____/10    7.  Persistence

  • Do you continue to reach out to decision makers who are undecided?
  • How well do you understand the art of delayed gratification?


_____/10    8.  Work Ethic

  • Is hard work with your customers a measure of your success?
  • Do you tend to be one of last Salespeople to end your workday?


_____/10    9.  Drive

  • Can you consistently stay focused on your goals?
  • Do you do whatever it takes to reach them?


_____/10    10.  Self Discipline

  • How well do you function without your Sales Manager’s involvement?
  • How accountable are you to yourself?


_____/100    Scoring


Higher than 80 – You have the character of a Sales Superstar.  Work on your skill set to get there.

70 to 79 – You have the potential to be very successful in sales.  Soar with your strengths and manage your areas for growth.

60 to 69 – This is where many Salespeople rank at the start of their career.  Your high score in Integrity is your biggest attribute.  Ask your Sales Manager for help to get to the next level.

50 to 59 – Re-evaluate your reasons for being a Salesperson.  Are you happy doing this?

Less than 50 – Quit before the decision is made for you.


The Reality

As we know, the profession of Sales is one of the toughest career choices.  You will be held accountable for your results consistently while many factors that go into generating sales are out of your control.  This is also one of the most rewarding, character building professions that can give you and your family a very good standard of living.  Be open-minded and always willing to learn new techniques.

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