If you’re a Professional B2B Salesperson with a 2019 sales target that seems unreachable, don’t panic.  As we start a new year, here’s the advice we’ve offered many of our sales training partners in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, and Calgary.  Take your eye off the yearly total for a second and ask yourself this question.  What confidence would you have in your company and Sales Manager if your targets were  lower and easily attainable?  While that might seem like a good idea, nobody wants to work for a company that is projecting lower sales.  That means lower profitability and cost cutting, so be careful what you hope for.  Here are 3 ways to break down the process of reaching your 2019 Sales Targets.

Create an Action Plan with each account from 2018

Answer each of these questions:

What were the sales volumes for each client in 2018?

What quantity of products and product lines did they purchase?

How can I increase those volumes in 2019?

What new product lines can I suggest to them?

Why would they have an interest in them?

Which of my clients might reduce their investment this year?

What can I do to counter that?

What are each of my clients’ top 3 needs in 2019?

How will I meet those needs?

Who is my home run client this year?

What sales estimate can I attribute to each client?

What’s the total sales volume of existing clients?

Devise a Strategy for Prospecting and New Business Development

Answer these questions specific to the attainment of new clients:

Who are the best client categories to pursue?

What’s the profile of my ideal customer from my existing champion accounts?

Which clients are leaders in the areas I wish to pursue?

Which companies are challenging the leaders?

How will I approach them from a customer-focused perspective?

What commitment will I make to prospecting?

What days and times of day will I schedule each week to make calls?

How will I track my progress?

What sales estimates can I attribute to new clients?


Add the sales estimates from Prospecting and New Business Development to your Existing Client Base to determine your estimated sales total for the year.  If the sum is less than your 2019 Sales Target then, re-evaluate your Action Plan and Strategy in #1 and #2 and ask for your Sales Manager’s guidance and support.

What commitment will I make to improving my sales skills in 2019?

Top performing Salespeople are always looking for ways to improve their abilities.  Ask yourself these important questions:

What time allotment will I make to reading great books weekly?

What online courses will I enroll in to learning new sales techniques?

Am I able to devote at least 15 minutes a day to professional development?

Can I leverage the advice from great Salespeople and mentors?

Will my Sales Manager be willing to go on calls with me next year for training and coaching?

Can I constructively compete with a fellow Salesperson to drive sales mutually?


Great sales years do not come by accident, luck or knowing the right people.  They come from hard work, planning and creativity.  A great sales year in 2019 starts with a positive attitude and the right approach.  In working with our sales training clients, we have seen some Salespeople far surpass everyone’s expectations including their own.   Success starts with what happens between your temples.


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Dave Warawa – PROSALESGUY