As we work with our sales training clients in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria we always advise them that their best Salespeople are not on staff.  They do not require a salary, bonus or commissions.  In fact, they pay you for the privilege of publicizing your business.  They are your Customers…

Your Customer’s Satisfaction

No matter how well you understand the value of treating your Customers properly, every company can raise the bar higher.  Your product and service has to offer value, be in demand and be priced accordingly.  The advertising and marketing that you spend profit dollars on needs to drive traffic to your location and your website.  Once the potential customer interacts with your company, you now have the opportunity to help them buy, earn their repeat business, and receive referrals.

Don’t make this mistake

Do not offer better service than your competitors.  Frankly, spend less time worrying about your competition and focus on your Customer.  What is their expectation?  How can you exceed their
needs and provide an experience that makes them want to do business with you, come back again and tell everyone about you? Here’s my point.

The level of service you give your Customers shouldn’t be dictated by what your competitors do.  Exceed expectations consistently and turn Customers into powerful Advocates!

Whenever I speak on customer service, this is my biggest philosophy that gets 100% of the
focus.  Your Customers are the most credible form of sales and advertising you have.  Friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers on social media are being influenced by these powerful ambassadors.

What are they saying about your customer service?

No matter how great your product or service is, please understand these two points…

1.  Your product is not your product.  It’s the experience of buying your product.

2.  Your entire staff involved in the Customer Experience is employed in the occupation of Sales.

Your Salespeople may receive a commission or bonus to complete a buying transaction.  The rest of your staff receive a salary to deliver an experience worthy of great publicity.   Business operators who understand and apply this always have the largest market share, leading brand recognition and
intense Customer loyalty.  That allows them to charge more based on value and relationship.

No one wants to buy elsewhere!

We all want to buy products and services from the same businesses that we like and trust.   Do you really want to switch car dealers, clothing stores, banks, restaurants, coffee shops, and service stations?  Don’t we all want to consistently use the same dentists, doctors, lawyers, realtors and financial advisors?

The Success Formula

This is not rocket science.  We aren’t performing open heart surgery.   Get your entire staff on board
to live this philosophy and be happy doing it.  Train them well and only hire the ones who get it.

Courtesy and Respect for the Customer            

 +  Your Smile and Personality                              

 +  Your Ethics and Ability to Listen                        

      Your Appreciation for their First and Future Purchases

=   A Customer and Advocate for Life

You may understand this formula and even be practicing it.  Are your Customers feeling it?


Pro Sales Guy




Pro Sales Guy