One of my current Sales Training clients in Edmonton and Calgary recently indicated that their Sales Team is so busy.  Are you in the same situation?  Here’s the question you need to ask yourself.
Busy doing what specifically?


Professional Salespeople are always busy

Let’s face the reality of your day.  Emails, phone calls, administration and internal meetings are all important parts of your day.  You need to take care of the business of being in business.  At times, all of these tasks can be overwhelming and act like a tornado sucking you into the vortex of being in the office.  Every smart Professional Salesperson knows that these activities do little to nothing to create sales.  While they have to be done, is your day keeping you from the major function of moving the revenue needle?


Face to Face Appointments

There is no replacement for the Face to Face Appointment.  On this we would all agree.  Yet, look in the mirror and ask yourself – How many customers did I meet with in the past week?  How about the past month?  No matter what your customer sales cycle is, we all have some very basic necessities to being successful with new revenue development.


1.  Doing a detailed Customer Needs Analysis.  You cannot expect to make any sales until you have a consistent approach to conducting on-going CNAs with many potential clients.  This is the ground breaking that is required to start construction on exceeding your revenue targets.


2.  Making Presentations.  No ask, no get.  Once you do a detailed Customer Needs Analysis, you now have the information required to build a great proposal.  The CNA and the Presentation are the building blocks of building and maintaining a healthy account list.


No kidding!

Anyone who has been in Professional Sales for at least six months knows these basics facts.  Here is my point.  Are you a victim of these statements?

I ran out of time this week because I was so busy.

No you didn’t.  We all have the same amount of time in a day, week or month.  You didn’t set it as a priority.  Think of it this way – if your phone rang this second notifying you of a family emergency, you would most definitely drop everything you were doing to make it a priority.

I just didn’t get around to it

Please understand that procrastination is a conscious decision to not do something.  You alone make that choice.  You could have done it by making it a priority over something else that you allowed to be more important.

I had a lot of client emergencies

We all do.  There can be days where fire-fighting takes up many hours that were planned for more proactive sales activity.  You need to give your clients the best levels of service to keep their business. So, what are you going to do about it tomorrow and the day after?


How will you increase your sales?

There are only two ways:

1.  Increase the buying level of current customers – Growth Accounts

2.  Reach out to establish new clients – Target Accounts


Your first step

Ask yourself this question – What, specifically, was I so busy doing?  Monitor your past week by looking at your calendar and being analytical with your activities.  Do you see a non-productive pattern?  Too many social conversations and hallway discussions?  Too many people pulling you in different directions?  After many years as a Professional Salesperson, I came to the realization that if I removed the extra chair beside my desk, no one sat in it.  That problem was solved.


Your Second Step

Determine the actual amount of time weekly you wish to devote to increasing your Growth Accounts.  Do the same with Target Accounts.  Factor in service calls.   Here are two examples based on a 45 hour work week:


New Salesperson

Growth Accounts – 25% of my week = 11 hours

Target Accounts – 40% of my week = 18 hours

Service Calls – 20% of my week =   9 hours

Administration – 15% of my week =   7 hours


Veteran Salesperson

Growth Accounts – 40% of my week = 18 hours

Target Accounts – 15% of my week =   7 hours

Service Calls – 25% of my week =  11 hours

Administration – 20% of my week =   9 hours


The allocation of your time per sales activity depends on the state and evolution of your account list.


Seize the Day!

We’ve all heard this expression.  Monitor your week and create expectations on your future sales activity and the results will come.  Don’t wait for your Sales Manager to do this with you.  Take more Selfies!  My last blog referred to the greatest selfies of Salespeople to be Self-Awareness, Self-Accountability, Self-Discipline, Self-Motivation and Self-Functioning.


The top performing Salespeople have personal expectations that exceed their employer’s.


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Thanks for reading!

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