The majority of salespeople see the value in training; expanding your skill set and increasing your education on an ongoing basis positions you as a resource to your clients and adds to the growth and success of your business. Unfortunately, most salespeople don’t capitalize on implementing sales training techniques, as the habit and consistency of their current work day centers on too many things to do in too little time.

I believe that implementation of the tools and strategies presented in a sales training session is the key to personal and professional growth. Through my sales training, I dedicate my time and efforts to ensuring that the education and tools you’ve learned from me can and will be implemented to achieve the results you want.

100% Practical

“Show me how I can meet my client’s needs more often and you’ll have my buy in.”

This is what I hear from salespeople all the time. The basic psychology of sales does not change. Techniques that were successful decades ago still work today. One of the fundamental differences between one salesperson and the next is experience. Not just the length of that experience but the quality of it. What sets my training apart is that it isn’t based textbook sales definitions; it’s from my 30 years experience and application in the industry.


Unlike other training programs, I do not use training programs written generically for any business or industry. I customize a training program based on your team’s needs and goals. By combining one-on-one coaching with group sessions, I am able to give individualized attention to each member of your team as well as allow for team discussions and input.


With my training background and practical experience in many fields, I can offer an objective, outside opinion from someone who has worked with hundreds of business owners.  No matter how great your internal sales training, salespeople respond well to the right outside training source that comes from the practicality of being on the front sales line.

Passion & Enthusiasm

My passion is rooted in empowering and educating people and it’s this passion that drives me to help businesses towards further success. Of all the different sales careers I’ve had, nothing compares to the experience of training salespeople. Seeing someone open their mind to your input, apply techniques discussed and improve upon what they do is the biggest thrill I’ve ever experienced. Frankly, it’s a form of payment.

A productive salesperson who is making more money, improving their skill set and having fun will not only stay with your company, they will attract confident, positive people like them who want to work for you.

For further education and discussions, I have created THE SALES FLOOR GROUP on LinkedIn. It provides an opportunity for professional salespeople to interact and get opinions from likeminded people, free of charge. Regardless of industry or level of experience, salespeople are welcome to learn on THE SALES FLOOR.

I am also the author of The PROSALESGUY BLOG. It’s a weekly post designed to offer professional salespeople, business owners and decision makers no charge sales and marketing tips.

How do you get the best results from Sales Training?

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