Strategic Business Consulting Services

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Business owners are effective in having the vision to lead their companies in the right direction despite changing economic environments. At times, their judgement becomes non-objective due to the historical and emotional attachment to their company. Smart business owners recognize this and consider the PROSALESGUY STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTING Program.

It offers a non-emotional objective 3rd party perspective from a business expert. 60 minute sessions are customized to the need required and can be done via web-conferencing with no travel expenses incurred. Topics can include:

  • Marketplace Positioning & Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Marketing & Advertising Consultation
  • Integrating Social Media into your Marketing Strategy
  • Business Convergence from Advertising to the Real Customer Experience
  • Competitive Analysis In Store & On Line
  • Outsourced Consultation for Objectivity & the Hard Truth

Pro Sales Guy
STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTING PROGRAM Investment is based on a 6 month program. Contact for a personalized quotation.

Pro Sales Guy


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