Have you ever had the experience of implementing sales training only to see it not meet expectations?  There’s a reason for that.  Watch Video #1 to learn that the sales training program needs to be customized to the skill set, experience level and communication style of the Salesperson.  The right success formula is 25% content + 75% practical application = Long Term Revenue Results.

Do you hate using forceful closing techniques to get buyers to purchase?  So do your clients!  Watch Video #2 and learn of the Five Success Skills that will easily reveal the motivation and sense of urgency of decision makers to act.

Customized Sales Training

PROSALESGUY TRAINING offers three different methods of sales training for Salespeople in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto.  Watch Video #3 to find out more about Group Sales Training, Individual Sales Training and Online Sales Training.  We have customized B2B and B2C sales training programs available to companies and individual Salespeople looking to drive sales on a long-term basis.