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Field Support By Sales Managers Is Vital

Pro Sales Guy

Field Support should be one of the top priorities for Sales Managers. Here’s why…

1) Clients appreciate Management thanking them for their business.

When I was a Sales Manager, it was great to see the look on the client’s face when I said that I came out on a call with our Salesperson because I wanted to personally thank them for their business. Think about it. When do most clients see a Sales Manager? When there’s a problem or it’s time for a renewal with a big rate increase. What a wonderful way for clients to associate conflict with your face. Doesn’t it make sense for Sales Managers to establish a relationship with clients before they need to get involved? Wouldn’t it make it easier to deal with challenges when they occur based on a pre-established relationship? I can assure you few of your competitors are using the technique of Sales Managers having regular field presence. That’s even better reason to do it. read more