When we discuss common attributes of success in our sales training workshops in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto many different qualities are considered.  The so-called soft skills for Salespeople are often the determining factor in winning the trust of clients.  The ability to ask great questions, listen and have empathy are just a few examples of the many of qualities that are common to great Salespeople.  Yet, there is one skill that rises above the rest.  It’s the most powerful driver of sales success and you must have it to be a top-producer.

Self-Discipline is the fuel that allows you to experience the full impact of many of these great attributes.  While many of these qualities will get you far, they will not reach their highest return without self-discipline.

  • Ambition
  • Passion
  • Motivation
  • Persistence
  • Confidence
  • Work Ethic
  • Integrity
  • Drive
  • Respect and Likeability
  • Positivity

Why is Self-Discipline so Important for Salespeople?

Professional Sales on a commission basis is the occupation most closely aligned with owning a business.  The two share many common elements that all originate with one person – You.  In fact, here’s my favorite definition of sales self-discipline.

The ability to function like a business within the structure of the company or brand you represent.


A Salesperson may not have to worry about developing the product, ensuring it has market demand, hiring employees and paying all the bills associated with a bricks and mortar business.  Consider what is 100% up to you:


  • Picking up the phone to prospect for new customers
  • Do a detailed Customer Needs Analysis to identify areas of opportunity or pain
  • Convince the decision maker that your product or service offers the solution
  • Service the needs of the client and surpass his or her expectations
  • Deal with challenges, put out fires and always be mindful of your competition
  • Ensure all support staff are providing the ultimate customer experience


Professional Sales is no easy task.  It’s plain hard work that sometimes may make you have your head in your hands, wondering if it’s time for a salaried position that offers more consistency and stability.  Every salesperson has slumps and great sales years. Sales also happens to be incredibly rewarding mentally and financially.

In the end, it all comes down to one leading attribute – Self-Discipline.  Here’s what it means to the best Salespeople we’ve ever had the experience of working with and training:

Self-Discipline is coming to work every day with the drive that is required to succeed.

Self-Discipline is not looking for shortcuts.

Self-Discipline is being tougher on yourself than anyone else could be.

Self-Discipline is having higher standards for yourself than for your employer.

Self-Discipline is making your family understand that taking the kids to the dentist means you might be working at home tonight.

Self-Discipline is taking responsibility – not laying blame on a difficult client, a tough boss, bad luck or a lousy economy.

Self-Discipline is playing the role of “victor” despite roadblocks.

Self-Discipline is knowing when you’re in a sales slump and what you did last time to get out of it.

Self-Discipline is understanding how you deal with change makes all the difference.

Self-Discipline is letting go of the things you can’t control so that you can influence the ones you can.

Self-Discipline is investing in yourself and keeping the receipt for tax purposes.

Self-Discipline is looking in the mirror and motivating yourself to get the job done.

Self-Discipline is appreciating that nothing truly meaningful comes without hard work and sacrifice.


Sales Superstars have an enormous amount of self-discipline.  It’s what sets them apart from other Professional Salespeople.  Self-Discipline is one of the success principles covered in our book SHUT UP!  Stop Talking and Start Making Money  available on Amazon and our online sales training program  The Sales Skills IncubatorTake advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale on both until December 1.

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