Ever have a tough time getting a client to give you a great written testimonial?  Here’s a sure fire way to get something that is better, painless and creative…

Why won’t they do it?

All Salespeople and business owners agree – getting great testimonials is very useful in many ways. Your company might post them on its website. No doubt, smart salespeople love to have them on hand in an effort to convince potential customers to become buyers. A strong endorsement from a well-known decision maker or influential company can be powerful. While it seems easy to get your clients to verbally endorse you, getting something on paper is tough. It takes time for someone to get their thoughts down to written words. Many of your clients aren’t writers. I even had a client who once told me that no matter what she created, she wasn’t happy with it.

Your personal Testimonial Page

Any time a client gives you or your company a verbal compliment, ask them this question…

Would you mind if I used those words on my Testimonial Page?

Chances are they’ll ask –

What’s a Testimonial Page?

It’s a simple idea that sends a strong message of recommendation. It’s a one page document that is creative and colorful with highlights and flattering comments that your clients have made to you verbally. Anyone with a graphic background and decent computer can do one for you. It can include personal comments about you like excellent customer service:

never disappoints

hard-working and resourceful

a trusted advisor for many years

Those short power statements are followed with the person’s name, title and company. Be smart and include an image of them. Either ask them for a professional business photo or just ask to take a quick picture with your smartphone. Powerful endorsements at the start of a book always influence us to buy it.

Here are some examples of great Testimonial Pages that are easy to do…

Sample Testimonial Pages

You don’t need a file full of client testimonials. When is the last time you wrote a complete business letter with paragraphs? Your personal Testimonial Page with short power statements displays your credibility as a professional salesperson from many different sources. It most definitely influences opinion.

Testimonials have many uses

B2B salespeople can include it in their proposals or power point presentations. B2C salespeople can pass it to customers to endorse their services and their company’s product. Think of the electronic purposes. Your company can post it on its website. Your personal Testimonial Page can also remind you to ask your clients for a personal recommendation on LinkedIn. It’s part of taking your personal LinkedIn profile to 100% completeness.

Here’s the philosophy

A great client comment = An endorsement for your Testimonial Page + LinkedIn Recommendation

It’s just one of the things Smart Salespeople do consistently as a reflex action.

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