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Business owners, decision makers and entrepreneurs choose Vancouver for many reasons.  The city has established itself as one of the world’s leading technology eco-systems attracting major companies and talent.  For good reason!  Vancouver’s digital entertainment and interactive industry is booming, providing a strong base of business opportunities.  Talented people in many industries choose Vancouver as their home for many lifestyle reasons.


Sales Training Vancouver – Available On-site and Online

Group Sales Training for your Vancouver business offers a consistent approach to customer engagement while still allowing each Salesperson’s personality and communication style to build a strong relationship with buyers.  How your team interacts with key decision makers is part of your company’s brand and full customer experience.  The impression given to buyers should be consistent with your company philosophy. Group Sales Training, when coupled with Individual Sales Training, will allow decision makers to trust your Salespeople based on professionalism and needs analysis abilities.

One of our most recent sales training clients in Vancouver reached out to us for a very specific project.  They needed proposal writing assistance and presentation coaching in landing a potential seven figure client.  This would be their company’s largest single acquisition in history and they wanted to make sure they had done everything possible to best position themselves.

We offer specialty services like this to Vancouver and lower Mainland businesses that want to take their revenues to the next level.  PROSALESGUY TRAINING services include:

  • Target Account Acquisition
  • Key Account Retention
  • Growth Account Development
  • Sales Monitoring and Lead Generation
  • Sales Management Training
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Creation of Inbound Marketing and Advertising

Our Vancouver sales training client realized that it was a smart business practice to have consistent skill development for all of its staff involved in client acquisition, retention and service.  Our sales training techniques are 100% practical and customized to our clients and the specific sales cycle of their customers.  We offer exclusive services on-site and through web-conferencing for cost-effectiveness.

Our training techniques are 100% practical and customized to our clients and the specific sales cycle of their customers. We offer exclusive services on-site and through web-conferencing for cost-effectiveness. See our testimonials for a list of clients who have used our specialty services.


Should you be interested in investigating options to increase your sales revenues, contact dave@prosalesguy.ca for a personalized proposal.


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