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Strategic Planning

A Strategic Planning Session provides your Management Team with the opportunity to be insightful on your company’s future direction.  The common workday has your Managers busy handling day to day duties with no time to reflect on strategies to operate more efficiently internally and provide company growth.The Planning Sessions can be done in your market or off-site through a Management Retreat.Travel and Accomodation arrangements can be booked by the travel agency of your choice.

PROSALESGUY TRAINING provides facilitation services for Strategic Planning focusing on company direction, group brainstorming and leadership training.  An independent facilitator has no previous emotional or historical attachment to your company and its key managers allowing for objective coordination.  PROSALESGUY TRAINING also offers leadership training as part of its strategic planning. Customized programs are created based on specific company needs.  The following is an example…

Strategic Planning

Review of current company marketplace position

Group discussion on future direction

Group Brainstorming to determine Strategies

Agreement on Action Plan and Critical Path

Three PROSALESGUY TRAINING web conferencing sessions with your Management Team

The web conferencing sessions are done at two weeks, three months and six months to ensure proper implementation.

Leadership Training

Performance Coaching

Collaboration, Team Building and Creating a Positive Environment

The Importance of Delegation & Interdepartmental Communication

Your Role as a Leader vs. Manager

Nurturing, Nudging & Knowing when to Push for Results



PROSALESGUY TRAINING offers sales training and business consulting services in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, as well as Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia and Western Canada


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