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Companies with less than 50 employees account for nearly 95% of the Calgary business community.  They are a driving force in the city and have flexibility to adapt quickly to changing market conditions with customized solutions and service.


Innovative Calgary Small Business Owners and can afford to specifically focus on the needs of their customers as they have true passion for their business and believe in high levels of expertise and customer service.

Sales Training Calgary –  Available On-Site and Online

Calgary Sales Training tends to focus on relationship selling where the Salesperson is heavily involved in procurement, product delivery and service.  This creates a philosophy that a major part of the product experience is the trusted relationship decision makers have with their Salesperson.  This leads to high levels of repeat business and referrals.  Group Sales Training, when combined with Individual Sales Training, brings out the skill set of the Salesperson through sincerity, authenticity and being resourceful to clients.

All of our Calgary Sales Training clients have asked us to assist them in developing more revenue streams in addition to the oil and gas sector.  Diversification of client sectors leads to more consistent sales and company growth.   We offer specialty services like this to Calgary businesses that want to continue to prosper in all economic climates.

Calgary Sales Training services may include:

  • Prospecting and New Business Development
  • Addressing Target Account Categories
  • Creating a Client Engagement Strategy
  • Key and Growth Account Development
  • At-Risk Account Strategies and Tactics
  • Negotiating Win-Win Agreements
  • Sales Management Training


Our Calgary sales training clients have realized that challenging economic times have required their company to adapt due to necessity.  This causes management to re-think their value proposition and become proactive in seeking out business from their ideal customer profile in different categories.


Our training techniques are 100% practical and customized to our clients and the specific sales cycle of their customers.  We offer exclusive services on-site and through web-conferencing for cost-effectiveness. See our testimonials for a list of clients who have used our specialty services.


Should you be interested in investigating options to increase your sales revenues, contact dave@prosalesguy.ca for a personalized proposal.


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