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Top performing companies believe in Sales Management training and mentoring. While successful Salespeople know the needs of their clients, great Sales Managers understand how to train and coach their Salespeople.  The Harvard Business Review recently reported that the average age of managers receiving management training was 42.  Of the 17,000 worldwide leaders who were polled, the average age of the managers was 33.   Here’s their findings.

Allowing Sales Managers to practice in the field for nearly a decade without proper training is not good business.  All smart Sales Managers want training and mentoring to be able to help their Salespeople succeed.

Most Sales Managers are proven sales achievers promoted into the role.  Yet, the skill set for successful Sales Managers is much different than what was learned in the field as a great Salesperson.

We offer  a 6-month personalized Sales Management Training Program where all time and attention is spent on the ongoing development of the Sales Manager.

It’s customized to the current skill set and experience of the individual based on their management experience to date. It’s useful for managers new to the role or those looking to take their sales team to the next level of billing, whether in a B2B or B2C industry. 60 – 90 minute sessions via web conferencing focus the following areas:

  • Adjusting to the Role for new Sales Managers – from Selling to Teaching
  • Delegation, Earning Respect, Setting Expectations and Communicating with your Sales Team
  • Conducting great Sales Meetings and Training Salespeople in the boardroom and in the field.
  • Leadership through Empowerment & Team Building
  • How to Handle Challenging Salespeople
  • Empowering Salespeople by creating an environment of “Want to” vs. “Have to”
  • Instilling Self-Accountability in your Salespeople
  • Sales Budgeting, Setting Targets and Monitoring Sales Activity

After every Sales Management Training session, a detailed set of NOTES and ACTION STEPS is sent to the individual and senior manager, providing a clear direction for the next 2 weeks until the next session. This has become a very popular program based on its focus, practicality and cost effectiveness.

Our Sales Management Training Program also includes On-Demand Access to discuss timely issues before the next session.


Our Sales Management Training Program is based on 6 months of exclusive coaching with the individual.  Contact dave@prosalesguy.ca for a personalized proposal.



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