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Individual Sales Training is a core program of PROSALESGUY TRAINING. A specifically created program is devised based on the Salesperson’s previous background, sales experience and personality.

Needs Analysis Meeting is required with the individual to determine their current skill set and objectives. Once these are determined, an individual sales training program can be created that meets timelines and budgeting requirements. All PROSALESGUY TRAINING Programs are educational, practical and entertaining.

Major focus is placed on application in the field whether you require B2B Sales Training or B2C Sales Training. This is where true measurable, long lasting results of training are experienced.  Individual Sales Training Areas of Focus:

  • Needs based selling concentrating on the 5 Top Skills – Questioning, Active Listening, Paraphrasing, Summarizing the Client’s Full Needs, and Positive Personality Projection.
  • Prospecting, cold calling, dealer with gatekeepers, qualifying, lead generation, needs analysis, the six levels of questioning, determining the decision maker(s), objection handling, dealing with competitors, proposal writing, creating a sense of urgency to take action, closing, repeat business & referral based selling
  • Individual sales training works in tandem with the Salesperson in the field coaching and assisting him or her through all the steps of the sales cycle.  Specific attention to paid to dealing with challenging sales scenarios and clients that might be stalled in the sales process.  This support is 100% practical and is directly connected to generating more sales.


Our Individual Sales Training Program is customized to your sales objectives, timelines and budget requirements. Contact dave@prosalesguy.ca for a personalized proposal.


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